1936 total modification mod

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1936 total modification mod

#1 Post by vahadar » May 23 2014

No link for now

As of Q2 2017 this is still a WIP for Supreme Ruler Ultimate (ported from SR1936)
Done so far : China states (+ east asia in general, south east asia not done yet -burma, siam...-) + events for Japan and its puppets
Spanish civil war finished + events
Germany + puppets started Q4 2016, huge work ahead.

All units reviewed for historical accurate range, especially naval units, all ships now have historical range for main guns + torpedoes, better when playing without extended range or spotting option.
New "recomissioned units" ie kongo class after its successive modernization (various sets of units). Only for the main naval units of the game for each nation. Unfortunatly upgrade system in unit files doesnt work, need to find a way to do it properly with current game mechanics.

Original post :

It is currently a work in progess i've been working on since a few weeks, it is a huge work so it will be ready when it is ready, might expect an apha release this Q4 :)
Currently only planning for a game start in 1936.

This mod will be heavily scripted so it wont reflect a pure sandbox game, but will try to reflect the timeline of WW2.
I am trying to allow as much liberties as possible in sandbox when triggering events with special conditions so the player can still choose to skip them if not met. Some will happen whatever the player do.

It will feature more nations and pupet states, more historical war and events, and will modify quite some units with a few new additions

New states or pupets (based on events during game or at game start, or modification of current state in game) :
Monaco & German Monaco (can be italy then germany puppet based on event)
San Marino (will declare war on germany after some events)
Various provisional governments after soviet advance in Europe in 1944 (events, Bulgaria, Hungary...will be treated as colonies)
Finnish Democratic Republic (ussr event)
Estonian Soviet Socialist Republic (ussr event)
Latvian Soviet Socialist Republic (ussr event)
Lithuanian Soviet Socialist Republic (ussr event)
Second East Turkestan Republic (ussr event)
Azerbaijan People's Government (ussr event)
East Germany (ussr event)
Kingdom of Iraq (uk event)
Imperial State of Iran (uk ussr)
Manchukuo (will have loyalty control, new events)
Mengjiang (will have loyalty control, new events)
Communist China
Nationalist China (Republic of China - Kuomintang)
China warlords states
Republican Spain
Nationalist Spain
Great Way Municipal Government of Shanghai (japan event)
Reformed Government of the Republic of China (japan event)
Provisional Government of the Republic of China (japan event)
Nanjing Nationalist Government (japan event)
State of Burma (japan event)
Second Philippine Republic (japan event)
Provisional Government of Free India (Andaman & Nicobar Islands - japan event)
Imperial State of Vietnam (japan event)
Collaborationist Kingdom of Kampuchea (japan event)
Czechoslovakia (loyalty zone reworked)
Slovak Republic (germany, event reworked, loyalty zone reworked)
Protectorate of Bohemia and Moravia (germany, event reworked, loyalty zone reworked)
French State (Vichy) (Event reworked, Vichy will keep its historical colony, loyalty reworked)
Free France (germany/uk event)
The Hellenic State (italy/germany event)
Commissioner Government (part of Serbia, germany event)
Government of National Salvation (Yugoslavia) (germany event)
Quisling's Norwegian National government (Reichskommissariat Norwegen) (germany event)
The Lokot Autonomy (Oryol Oblast and Kursk Oblast of the Soviet Union) (germany event)
The Belarusian Central Rada (inside Reichskommissariat Reichskommissariat Ostland) (germany event)
Kingdom of Albania (italy/germany event reworked)
Independent State of Croatia (germany event reworked)
Italian Social Republic (if fascist italy loose some specific cities or falls, german event)
Italian governorate of Montenegro (italian event, reworked)
Independent State of Montenegro (if italy falls, germany takes over, event)
Kingdom of Hungary (after operation Operation Panzerfaust, germany event)
Principality of the Pindus (italian event, Epirus, Thessaly, and West Macedonia in Greece)

Reichskommissariats of germany, based on events and conditions :
Reichskommissariat Norwegen
Reichskommissariat Niederlande (Netherlands)
Reichskommissariat Ostland (Estonian SSR, Latvian SSR, and Lithuanian SSR, part of Soviet Union after Barbarossa)
Reichskommissariat Ukraine
Reichskommissariat Belgien-Nordfrankreich (Belgium and north France, later split into Reichsgaus of Reichsgau Wallonien and Reichsgau Flandern, and the Gau of Brussels)
Reichskommissariat Moskowien (if germany reach moscow)
Reichskommissariat Turkestan (if germany reach centra asia)
Reichskommissariat Don-Wolga (Sea of azov area and Volga German Republic)
Reichskommissariat Ural (if germany reach urals)
Reichskommissariat West-Sibirien
Reichskommissariat West-Nordland
Reichskommissariat Ost-Nordland

New wars or reworks :

Various current historical war declarations reworked or added (mexico, irak, usa, ussr, europe, middle-east & central & south americas war declarations on axis, uk and dominions...)

1936 Spanish Civil war (with germany/italy/ussr support and international brigades event support)
1937 Xinjiang War (USSR, China)
1938 Battle of Lake Khasan (Soviet-Japanese Border Wars - still need to check how to stop event to stop war)
1939 Khalkhin Gol battle (Soviet-Japanese Border Wars, will lead to non agrression pact treaty after)
1939-40 Phoney War (events trying to represent this war, still need to figure how to do them)
1939-40 Winter war (ussr-finland)
1940-41 Franco-Thai War (vichy france-siam)
1941 Anglo-Soviet invasion of Iran
1941 Anglo-Iraqi War
1941 Ecuadorian–Peruvian War
1941 UK war on Finland
1942 Japan Netherlands war (reworked)
1942 Siam USA war
1943 Italo german war (based on previous event)
1945 Turkey Germany war
1945 Finland Germany war

Various multiple events (warsaw uprising...)

If you have any wish post here, i will consider them all [_]B
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Re: 1936 total modification mod

#2 Post by vahadar » May 23 2014

List of changes here :

This mod is meant to be played with enhanced range and spotting turned off.

Ballistic range changes :
All artillery and naval units (like 99.9%) now reflect historic standard HE shell ammunition range (M102 HE, M107 HE, L15A2 HE, OF45 HE...), that means almost all range are now reduced, with real world range in kilometer.
All range were rounded down to the next whole number, even if closer to next integer (19.7km in real world is 19km in game, while 19.8 or 19.9 could translate as 20).
Choice was made to choose average range from the available non-assisted HE ammunitions for one gun, when known. Ie for the 2S7 Pion 203mm, HE range varies from 25km(3ВОФ42) to 37km(3ВОФ34), so base range is 31km in game. Techs would then simulate better ammunition like ERFB-BB.
When no data available for standard HE, ERFB is used instead (but not base bleed), giving advantage to a very few number of units (range increase by 5km average probably).

In vanilla most artillery units range were way too high compared to real world values, especially for modern guns, where most ingame values were similar to real world range for ERFB or even base bleed ammunition. Or sometime they were just actual range in yard instead of kilometer.

To balance this, changes were introduced with modified/new Cold War and modern era long range projectile techs as follow :

ERFB Extended Range Full Bore artillery +70% Ballistic Artillery Range
ERFB-BB Base Bleed +30% Ballistic Artillery Range
VLAP Velocity-enhanced Long-range Artillery Projectile (tier1) +10% Ballistic Artillery Range
VLAP (tier2) +10% Ballistic Artillery Range
RAP Rocket assisted projectile +20% Ballistic Artillery Range
BER Ballistic Extended Range / GLR Guided Long Range ammunition +25% Ballistic Artillery Range
NPLCA New Precision Large Calibre Ammunition +10% Ballistic Artillery Range
LRLAP Long Range Land Attack Projectile +15% Ballistic Artillery Range

All range bonus are cumulative, BER/GLR projectiles are generally improved ERFB-BB/VLAP projectiles. LRLAP is improved BER/GLR projectile.
so ERFB-BB is 2.21 times normal range (real world varies between 1.3 and 2.5 times)
RAP is 3,20892 times normal range
LRLAP is 5,07410475 times normal range

These adjustments are most realistic for units around 17-20km base range, which are the majority even during modern era. Above it can lead to unrealistic over improved range (of course ammo variation and calibre in real world is not simulated here, that's the reason some howitzer have better ERFB-BB real world stats than others when base HE range is identical).
some examples :
G5 155mm Towed or G6 Rhino ingame/real range : 18/18km base HE, 30/30km ERFB, 39/39km ERFB-BB, 48/50km VLAP-2
G7 105mm Towed Howitzer : 24/24km base HE with standard Rheinmetall Denel Munition, 53/29-32km ERFB-BB, 58/36km VLAP-1
PLL-01 155mm Howitzer : 24/24km base HE, 40/30km ERFB, 53/39km ERFB-BB
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Hullu Hevonen
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Re: 1936 total modification mod

#3 Post by Hullu Hevonen » May 23 2014

Thinking of doing this myself, good to see you doing it :). I'll try it when it's done, can't wait :D
Happy Linux user!
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Re: 1936 total modification mod

#4 Post by vahadar » May 23 2014

For a start i'll release an early version next month featuring just the Spanish civil war, which i'm working on right now, that would be a mod on its own.
My plan is to release a second version of the mod in july/august with all modifications for China and events (all chinese factions and japan puppets events).

The rest will come little by little untill the end of the year, and you guys will test this ;)

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Re: 1936 total modification mod

#5 Post by Ozi » May 23 2014

appreciate your work. I think most People are interested in the european Theater, so german, russia and UK and US Events...
Although i like playing Japan from time to time :)

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Re: 1936 total modification mod

#6 Post by Cdiplayer » May 23 2014

Oh man. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this! I cannot wait to create the Greater East Asia Co Prosperity Sphere with all those Japanese puppet states!

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Re: 1936 total modification mod

#7 Post by suaske666 » May 25 2014

woah, sounds really nice. hope you make it. especially the reichskommissariats

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Re: 1936 total modification mod

#8 Post by Turbo823 » Jun 06 2014

Russia and Japan definately need some balancing. Neither build enough units. Japan needs to expand southwards. America doesn't leave the USA so some help getting them off their duff would be great.

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Re: 1936 total modification mod

#9 Post by vahadar » Jun 07 2014

With the new event system we can make AI hotspot to force AI somewhere at a certain time, with a certain number of units, based on certain events or not. This might help to achieve what you expect AI to do (USA/Japan amphibious assault, German advance in Russia and so on).
I'm not there yet at all, i just tested the event but i'm not planning to use it before i focus on germany/italy/japan modifications. So i cant really tell if it is working good.
I'm still on Spanish civil war now, expect some beta at the end of the month or july.

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Re: 1936 total modification mod

#10 Post by suaske666 » Jun 07 2014

so long as work is being done i'm very grateful for your time and knowledge...

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Re: 1936 total modification mod

#11 Post by mahitto » Sep 09 2014

i think it would be cool if you make the partition plan of 1947 of Palestine according to UN resolution 181

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Re: 1936 total modification mod

#12 Post by rogerbacon » Sep 09 2014

Cdiplayer wrote:Oh man. Thank you SO MUCH for doing this! I cannot wait to create the Greater East Asia Co Prosperity Sphere with all those Japanese puppet states!


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Re: 1936 total modification mod

#13 Post by vahadar » Oct 18 2015

Just to let you guys know that i am back on this mod, i have made a lot of progress since last year, tinkering with the game and making small mini mods for myself, and i think i have a full understanding of the event system by now. So i can finally do the difficult part of my project.

I am moving my work on Supreme ruler ultimate actually, polishing a first version with China factions (done) and spanish civil war (to do). No ETA yet, but i guess soon ;)

edit : i will also realease a 1936 version of this mod when done, but i'm focusing on the newest release of SR at the moment.

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