convince other nations to attack

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convince other nations to attack

#1 Post by rintu4mj » May 29 2013

Hello,i am playing as iran and want to know some ways to make other nations like turkmestian to attack me or if i do i will be kicked out of un and all subsidy,integration will be 0 and all other nations will declare war.playing in version 6.6.1

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Re: convince other nations to attack

#2 Post by GIJoe597 » May 29 2013

The best thing would be for you to upgrade to 6.8.1. Unless it was a typo and that is what you meant. :)

There are many threads about your question, you my want to try the search feature it works really well on this site. After you read the posts on the subject and you still have questions ask again when you have 6.8.1.

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