How to make Supreme Ruler even more fun

Talk about on-going development of Supreme Ruler 2020 here. What would you like to see in updates or in a future Supreme Ruler title?

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How to make Supreme Ruler even more fun

#1 Post by golden.pole » Jun 18 2010

SR is an awesome game, no doubt about it. But it could be even better. I have several suggestions. I have no idea how to implement them, thou.

Here there are:

1. Spies could assassinate important politicians and leaders of other regions. perhaps this could be somehow added to one of the three current actions available to spies.

2. There would be UN peacekeeping units available. Just like it Civ4 Rise of Mankind mode, these units would be only designed for defensive purposes. Perhaps they could have blue UN flags and they would not be associated with any region. Perhaps you could purchase them from UN or manufacture them yourself. But other regions would not declare war against you when you use those units to defend other countries. I believe this feature would add another interesting strategic layer to the game. And maybe, these units could be only available to the player and not AI, to make it simple to implement.

3. Make cities look bigger on the map. Higher buildings, maybe some landmarks, like eiffle tower. Bigger cities should definitely look more impressive than smaller towns.

3. Divide roads at least into highway and regular roads. Make building highways really expensive. That would just be more realistic and it'd look better on the map. Also show those impressive bridges on the map.

4. How about moving cargo trains and trucks on the map? This idea comes from Medieval 2 Total War, but they have horses there. Once you sign a free trade treaty, it'd be great to see trucks and trains moving between cities. The more of them, the more trade between cities.

5. Huge nuke explosions. Destroy tens of units with one nuke. This would reduce the amount of units on the map and speed up the game. This was mentioned before.

6. Add some spreadsheets. Doesnt have to be as complex as in Geo Political Simulator. But, since this game is highly realistic, let us better see what is going on in our nation. How about just dividing industrial goods into at least three sections. same thing with consumer goods. To me, industrial or consumer goods, it is too general. Same thing with social spending. You could add some concrete programs like, counter terrorism spending, or funding institutions such as colleges. maybe divide agriculture into specific products: corn, potatoes...just let us play with more options. lol.

7. this is probably very hard to do. how about some kind of city satisfaction level? if the city is satisfied/supplied/happy about services/taxes then they produce more, there is more recruits and stuff and they pay taxes in full. but if they are dissatisfied, they refuse to contribute to the region and even rebel. someone here said that it would be too easy to kill those rebels. theres many ways to solve it im sure.

8. how about being able to elect ministers? maybe every city could have a mayor and some other politicians that could participate in national elections? i have no idea how to go about it. but it could be simple. for example, showed only in additional menu or just in the form of statistics or something.

9. maybe more organizations? not just UN. just to balance it. some evil ones too.

10. maybe a region could support terrorism, something opposite of the proposed UN peacekeepers. hidden nationality offensive units. and again, maybe only available to the player, so that it is easy to implement.

11. we gotta have hidden missiles sites. lol. some special facilities.

12. improved visuals? sound? huge explosions, a couple more sound tracks. doesnt have to be like in World in Conflict, but just some more effects to make the game experience more rewarding.

13. also it would be great if UN members voted together to decide about certain things, for example to invade someone or not.

There is really tons of stuff that could be added to this game.
I appreciate that this game was created. My appreciation was so great that it made me spend $30 on this game recently. Before, I downloaded an illegal version of SR 2020. haha. But by buying this product, I just wanted to say thank you to Battle Goat and support this ongoing process. I will definitely buy you next product, regardless of what it is. Keep it up.
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Re: How to make Supreme Ruler even more fun

#2 Post by LebaneseLion » Jun 18 2010

I love it

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Re: How to make Supreme Ruler even more fun

#3 Post by Uriens » Jun 18 2010

Sounds for laser units?

I was :o when I saw them all quiet first time I used them.

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Re: How to make Supreme Ruler even more fun

#4 Post by ollobrains » Jul 26 2010

laser units at later tech are n there i think

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Re: How to make Supreme Ruler even more fun

#5 Post by dyonsos » Aug 16 2010

I like much of this. I think the trick to ministers is high enough that you can manage them, mayor of cities, i think is a bit much. But what about emergency response commands at strategic locations? I.e. what would a nation do if an earthquake hit California, or oil spill in the gulf, a semi-automated task force that you, as president help setup (i.e. you donate humvee's and ships and things to these government agencies to support supply transports, etc but they run somewhat independant (just requesting approval to dispatch? review a few streategy/options (maybe one is quicker, cheaper but not good quality therefore affecting the region longer, another option is more expensive but does a better job and take a little longer, etc etc).

I personalyl would like to choose who I want to head these groups as well as select combat orientated people, like generals and admirals, I need a pacific fleet, an admiral, where stationed in hawaii or aboard a ship) I can choose their orders. The area's can even be split up, you can have a NoAM Fleet (patrols off the west coast, up toward Canada down to the border) An Asian fleet which covers from northerns Japan down to Indonasia. SoPac Feelt, covering Austrlia and western SoAmerica. etc etc.

Then its assigning those units with tasks. Such as "Enemy Sub Search and Destory" or "Intelligence" (know where ships are in the pacaific, are they friendly? did you encounter an sub of unknown origin? Do you want to track and follow it? You can also incorporate supply management, if I have an operation active in Asia (maybe I'm helping south korea fight north korea) i set the NoAM Fleet to coordinate getting troops, units and supplies across the ocean the Asian fleet can be do enemy recon, sub hunting, or whatever.

Going to ministers, I need to have them specialize in certain areas, for example, my defense secratary, maybe one was a former general, the other ex-CIA. The general gives me more effective units and less battlefield casulties. The ex-CIA candidate has better contact with foriegn intelligence services and gives you intell on other nations activities and intentions and effectiveness in espionage and sabatoge activities. each could add some abilities, i.e. general adds more combat strategies (i.e. leverages air support more and special forces to pinpoint strategic objectives minimizing additional casualties (kind of like an extension in the troops options today where you can have units "move carefully")). the CIA one can maybe have some additional operations like "secret prison" for blackops/special forces missions, go into a country, a qucik slam, caputre target, get the hell out before anyone understands what's going on, frame militant group, start internal conflict, interrogate prisoner (ethical decision (results in chance of world finding ut and their reaction) do you result to torture or lose potentially valuable information?).

I would like to see other roles, but keep to minimal need use only. Like something to generate business or city growth?

I like many of the other suggestions as well, cargo trains, animated movement, more things on the road = busier trader/economy/whatever.

I like the spreadsheet type concept, there is a lot of data we need a way to review it and improve decision making. I would recommend also looking at the simcity ordinance style interface as a way to improve some of this too. I can bring up the map, the water works, road traffic, etc and see what areas need help, I also can graph it, is crime growing the past year, 5 years, decade, etc. Obviously it would need ot be tailors to relevant areas for this game.

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Re: How to make Supreme Ruler even more fun

#6 Post by mfisher12 » Aug 19 2010

There's really only a few things I want to see - most of the rest of the suggestions (here and in other threads) are eye candy that I don't think would be worth the investment in dev time.

First and foremost, as the OP noted, we need ICBM silos. They were originally in the first game concept but were dropped before release. The question that needs to be resolved is a conceptual one: do you want the game to be reduced to a big missile race that only the Big 3 can win (US, China, Russia)? Do you want to make most of the earth's surface uninhabitable when the inevitable nuclear exchange starts because Kazakhstan decided it would be a good idea to declare war on France?

I remember a board game I had back in the 70s that was designed around nothing more than building ICBMs and then nuking each other. It was the most boring game ever. So there's that.

That said, I'd really like to see the AI figure out how to concentrate force and launch credible invasions/counterattacks. In a recent game I watched China mass a hundred units on Korea's border, in no particular order, and then just grind Korea down until they won. Artillery, lots and lots of supply and engineer units were leading the offensive with tanks bring up the rear. Had I been running Korea, the Chinese would have been toast. As Japan, I didn't even have to worry about a Chinese amphibious invasion. I manned my coasts with artillery and anti-ship missile units and focused my efforts on Russia.

The 2020 AI has come a long way, but it still has a long way to go.

I'd also love to see the ability to return national boundaries to conquered territory. In a recent game, Russia invaded and conquered most of Europe. I wasn't ready to intervene as I was busy slapping Venezuela and Panama around, so I waited. When I finally did invade Europe, I pushed the Russians all the way back to their original borders. I had NO options to liberate France, Germany, the Lowlands, etc. Not even a way to create a puppet government. They basically became American territory. Furthermore, there was no way Russia would even talk to me about a truce or a peace treaty, even though I'd slaughtered a million of their troops and decimated their armed forces. Only the maddest of mad dictators would refuse to seek peace at that point.

More than once, I have invaded and subjugated a strong country with whom my nation has had a generational feud going, but once the nation is conquered, where are the insurgents? I can usually just leave a few second-line units in conquered territory and move on - this isn't how wars go in the post-WW2 era. There should be insurgencies, unrest, strikes, riots, and the means (political as well as military) with which to pacify the conquered.

I guess what I'm saying is that there are a lot of things that could add more realism to this game without adding unneeded complexity like different types of roads and other Civ4-type ideas. Civ5 is on the way and I plan to buy it. But when I want a 'bare knuckles' global strategic war game, I start up SR2020.


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