Update Build 1219 Live on "Fasttrack"

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Update Build 1219 Live on "Fasttrack"

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Another fasttrack build has been posted. This one contains a number of fixes and further integration of Supreme Ruler 2030 improvements into Galactic Ruler. Specifically the Battlegroup Manager has been added, although it is still missing some of the filtering and function for space units and has a few references to Supreme Ruler features such as missiles or nuclear effects. We'll continue to clean up the function and features, but it works well for planetary level so is accessible in this fasttrack.

A full list of changes can be found below

Here's the changelog for v.1219
  • Fix capturing land on other planets
  • BattleGroup Manger screen added
  • Functional improvements to the controls for unloading units from cargo
  • Fixes to resource allocation system in the supply chain panel
  • Fixes to space facility defense values
  • Fix to building orbital station over pirate planet gives the station to the pirates
  • Fixed lobby option to limit playable factions
  • Game option for No Merchant Marine added (does reduce game performance somewhat)
  • Minor fixes to scale of buildings in the UI
  • Minor graphics fixes
  • Minor UI fixes
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