Early Access Release Date Update

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Early Access Release Date Update

Post by George Geczy »

Hello everyone!

Sorry for some of the developer silence on these forums regarding the Demo and Early Access release date - we've been working very hard and are getting very very close!

Unfortunately, we didn't get close enough to take part in the Steam Indie Games Festival. Creating a playable Demo version would have pulled a lot of development efforts away from our milestones and roadmap to Early Access release, and with everyone in our studio still working remotely we just couldn't reach the finish line in time for a Demo. We've even been having trouble getting together to record update videos.

So, Plan B (from outer space!):

We will not be releasing a playable demo - at least not at this time. Some of the limitations in our Early Access release include lack of a tutorial, and so we felt that people wouldn't really be able to get a good experience in the demo of a game this detailed.

We are now targeting November 10th as our Early Access Release Date. Missed Q3 slightly, but maybe in the Martian Calendar?

We will be publishing a features roadmap as part of the Early Access release, so that players will know exactly what is in and what is not yet there. We don't want anyone surprised by what features are not complete in the Early Access release.

And there will be features still in development - we've made the decision to go to Early Access to get our player community involved, to get feedback and suggestions, and to help shape the continuing development of Galactic Ruler towards a full final release.

So thank you all for your support and patience, and look for more information in the next couple of weeks as we drive towards our Early Access release!

-- The BattleGoat Studios Team
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Re: Early Access Release Date Update

Post by Rosalis »

Tutorial in SRU is pretty useless, whats more important is ingame feedback on what the options/features do. And no fake buildings and stuff with no effects. Ofcourse you dont have to spoil every little thing.

If the early access is free, people are not in the position to complain. If they got questions there are several platforms, which are getting activity then.

Anyway good to see you guys are not rushing things. Good Luck and stay healthy!
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