World 2041 - join a futuristic game!

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World 2041 - join a futuristic game!

Post by Kristijonas »

The year is 2041 and the world is at war. Looking for players who would like to play some countries with me.

I particularly want for the world NOT to become dominated by just 1-3 countries, so you are most welcome to play smaller countries (but all are available).

This is a long term game that I already played with other players.

Send me a PM if interested to join this game. Please mention your physical location so I could know your timezone, as well as general availability to play. I will try to be as flexible as I can! Also, tell me what country(-ies) you would like to play and let me know if you have any questions!

Here are some pics:

Some interesting choices to play:
1. Iran. Once it was the strongest country in the world, and it still has military production capacity second only to USA. |
However, they recently lost a war against Austria and were kicked out of Europe by combined forces of USA and Austria (Iran controlled almost all Balkans).
On the eastern front, Iran is at a war with Pakistan... That has been going on for at least 15 years!!
This country is also at war with several other nations. In Imminent danger, but I am sure the situation can be reversed by a clever player!

With their army crushed, without a human player, Iran is doomed to be killed of by Austria (helped by USA). However, the country has a huge potential, good tech, great fabrication capabilities and should be able to defend itself and rebuild into previous glory!

2. Serbia. Barely visible on the map now. Because of being at war with that HUGE Austria.
Believe it or not Serbia were the most technologically advanced country. Their units are twice as good as Austrian units.
Playing as Serbia will feel Spartan, since you will have a very small country at the beginning, but with overwhelming technological advantage, great allies and a potential to build an empire with that technology you already possess.
If a player took up playing this country, I can promise to send lots of help to Serbia to help you survive and fight Austrians back.

3. Pakistan.
Population: 3.5 billion.
Size: Controls all India, China, huge chunks of Russia, South East Asia, Afghanistan, Turkmenistan, Uzbekistan, Kazachtan etc etc. They are HUGE!
If you are up for a challenge and a great potential - it is a good country to choose.
They are a little backwards, even in 2041, but don't be fooled, they are still good!
They are exhausted from fighting on all sides (currently against Russia, Iran, Japan, and several others) but in good hands, could end all those wars and use the resources they already have to become the most powerful country on the planet.

4. United Kingdom.
Well. They are impossible to take over by anyone. Their defense sites and anti-air units make the islands near immune to any air attacks or nukes.
If you just want to lay back and watch the game, or just have a good defensive situation to play the game from, this is a perfect match.
At war with: Belarus and Russia. Both targets likely too strong for UK to expand into. However, perhaps you can help defend Norway against Russia who recently attacked them?

5. Kuwait.
Do you want to play Fallout instead of SR? Well, here's your chance!
Take a look at his picture:
Note: There are no graphical glitches or mistakes.
Kuwait doesn't have a single facility or a town.
All have been nuked
Population went down from 5000.000 to 176.000 (living in the desert) and continues to slowly die off.
I have no idea how it feels to play a country like this. I mean, technically, you don't even have a capital city. You should still be able to build facilities, so perhaps you could do something out of this country? Most definitely an interesting experiment.
Rebuild country, make nukes, and have revenge on the country that nuked you? (Belarus)
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Re: World 2041 - join a futuristic game!

Post by Kristijonas »

Not a single PM in half a year :cry:
Even with 600+ views of the forum thread
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