Rise of the Cayman Empire - Loss

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Rise of the Cayman Empire - Loss

#1 Post by Leafgreen » Jul 19 2018

SRU sandbox 1936, Road to War.
All settings at default except the new road & rail removal tool turned on.
Colony released.

Cayman Islands. A bit south of Cuba with a population of 7,700 and 2 land tiles. 1 is a city with a sea port and air field so hopefully I could have 1 military tile and 1 city tile someday. No industry. I scrapped the port and airfield and sold ALL the goods of every type stockpiled, over a week they sold and I netted $3m which I used to buy treaties. If you have not used the Spheres of Influence system before it's a totally different ball game - somebody might love you but if you are not part of their sphere they won't do treaties with you, best I can gather after playing it all week.

The entire world was a nice light friendly green to me but nobody wanted to be my friend. I picked the US because A: They are close to me, B: They are a major country, C: One of the few that would do treaties with me. What countries will do treaties with you almost always want an incentive, the minimum is $1 million so I was able to do 3 deals. 2 I did with the US and gained all but non-aggression, alliance. 1 I did with Cuba and gained the same number of treaties.

Now to sit and wait for the events and hope I can make an alliance with anybody at all, and they will take pity on me and toss me some cash. With military, research and social funding at 0% I was bringing in a whopping $4,000 per day. Yes, thousand. Every time there was a choice to make I checked what the US thought of them to try and make them happier but nothing worked. After 18 months I was scanning the map and noticed that China seemed to love me and gave me treaties for free but still not an alliance. USSR also loved me but would do zero treaties even with cash (which I didn't have), probably because Japan left China alone and invaded the USSR. No actual progress was ever made in that supply poor area though.

After 2 years I felt I needed to press the issue and declared war on Germany, I had 100% casus belli on them and really doubted they would send units at me so no real loss - and then grabbed all the treaties with UK, Canada, Australia, Latvia that I could which they were willing to do for free. Latvia agreed to an alliance!

10 days later Germany attacked them and wiped them out.

Italy started to get active so I declared war on them also but I couldn't get anybody's opinion of me higher than diplomatic-pleased and civilian-satisfied, not enough for an alliance.

December 1939 rolled around and I called it. With no money I can not buy units to have a military and try to stay in power as a dictator, with no money I can't purchase supplies to raise my domestic approval and elections are in March 1940. I can't remember my subsidy rate going over 1.5% at most (had 93% treaty integrity almost entire time), had zero research, zero unit designs, zero units. My population had gone from 7,700 to 6,200 and I was forecast to lose roughly 900 population per year from emigration and deaths. Immigration never went below 1.

Fail. :-(
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