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AAR Austria

#1 Post by Budgie » Jun 08 2018

Old Man Rambling Away
So I decide to play a solitaire game as Austria.

I figured it to be short as Germany would annex me in 38 or 39.

But it did not!

So keeping a close eye on Germany(who likes me?) and Italy (who hates me?) I build up my armed forces and travel around the world buying tech and military designs.

Germany sells me plans for the 88 AA gun, the BF110 , the USA sells me plans for B-17's ,Russia shows me how to build the T35 and Japan sells me specs for the B5M which I use in case I want to build a carrier (har har).

All the above which should result in mass executions of the export teams in those countries!

But I'm happy .

When Germany annexes the Sudetenland I find that I am almost surrounded by Germany so to protect myself I declare war on Czechoslovakia and capture all of her southern territory when she is annexed by Germany who takes the rest and stops my little war.

So now Austria looks like a long snake across the belly of Europe - completely indefensible.

But I carry on, make transit treaties with Ger,Hun,Romania and wish I had a seaport.

Italy and Germany conquer France and Germany knocks out Russia.
Italy amuses herself in Africa while Germany and China go at it as Japan hides on her islands.

I sit and watch and build up my industry selling a fortune in oil to everyone which I use to buy tech.

When I notice I can now, thru German territory. reach Iraq!

Not being shy I move 1/3 of my forces down to the Iraq border and declare war.

Just at the same time as Germany declares war on her.

My tanks are directed south along the coast , fast , fast, fast

I want the oil fields and the ports.

Germany goes after Tehran and when it's all over.

I own more than 1/2 of Iraq , all the oil regions and the south west coast.

Holy Smokes!

So I build up the ruined areas , increase oil production, start a land and air production site and am still wandering around exploring the new areas when out of the blue.

Britain declares war on me!

I am surprised, stunned and shocked , this would be a terrible blow to my nation ,

Except Kuwait, Bahrain and Oman . Sure look tempting.

Now where can I get a ship?
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Re: AAR Austria part 2

#2 Post by Budgie » Jun 08 2018

Turns out I didn't need ships , just paratroopers.

Control Strait of Homuz with land based air and Britain loses a lot of ships learning not to run those Straits as I quietly over power all her small oil rich possessions on the Red Sea.

Ahh I now own a major portion of the world's oil ! Gulp!

Then I notice that Britain has a major base at Tobruk of two land production factories and as well an air factory and running a long range (Condor) reconnaissance flight over the base reveals one lone infantry unit holding the fort.

Using my transit rights down thru occupied Greece I mass and launch a paratroop drop on Toburk and from bases on Crete my fortress offer unbeatable air and sea protection .
Captured, Great !

I then notice that although Britain is also at war with Italy and She is for some reason allowing Italian ships to sail thru the Suez Canal. Ahh dah!

Another paradrop onto Port Said and bit of fighting , British reserves arrive from British Palestine and Jordan .

Finally a descent scrap. They keep coming across the desert and I keep killing them until the flow stops and I have to go and dig out the remnants.

However nothing can survive under the onslaught of mass B-17’s strikes.

Soon I control all of the middle east and Egypt .

My total land forces are around 100 units Air units around 100 and sea units – ahh none.

I control vast territory and wealth and am the richest most powerful . . . mosquito in the world.

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Re: AAR Austria

#3 Post by number47 » Jun 08 2018

Good read! :D
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