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Re: AAR Playing as Cuba - SR2020 GC Update 7... THE FINAL DA

#31 Post by tonystowe » Jul 09 2010


In my last report, dated 24 NOV 2024, I indicated the decline of the United States ability to defend itself and that it’s DAR and MAR continued to suffer from its inability to stop Cuba. To recap, the US DAR was at 20% and it’s MAR at 30% and dropping. Its treasury was at a staggering negative $3.34 trillion and climbing while its debt remained steady at $9.68 trillion. Total losses for both regions were, the US: 938 and Cuba at 222 unit lost.

The Cuban front line was still at the Orlando area at the beginning of December 2024. During this final month of 2024, Cuban forces continued to move northward easily taking one city after another. On occasion the US would send an assault force mixed with a few MBT’s and IFV’s, but the Cuban line was solid and quickly thwarted their attempts. In all honesty, the US deployment of four garrisons in each of its cities was the only roadblock to Cuban forces.
At the turn of the 2025 New Year, the US DAR remained at its 18-22% range; however, its MAR had suffered considerably and was at an all time low of 19%. This considerable drop was in reaction to Cuba’s destruction, or capture, of several key military facilities in Florida during the last months of 2024. Fort Stewart, Georgia was destroyed while other key airfields and sea piers were taken over. The US losses had climbed to 1,136 units lost – almost 200 units – while Cuba lost only four additional units while Ft Rucker and FT Benning were destroyed. The Cuban front continued to move northward along the east coast and began expanding its control westward into Alabama, Mississippi, and Louisiana.

On 01 MAR 2025, the US DAR remained at 19% with its MAR dropping to 13%. Its losses had increased by another 186 units to 1,367 units lost. Towards the end of March, Cuban SOF airdropped onto and took the last remaining islands in Hawaii. As the US treasury sank to a new low of negative $3.75 trillion and its MAR continued to decline to 9%, its losses increased to 1,510 units.

By the end of April 2025, the US had lost a considerable amount of territory and cities to include Anniston, AL, Charleston, SC, Marietta, GA and their supporting military facilities. A short time later, Ft Jackson, SC and Columbia fell to Cuban forces. The efficiency of the US military led to a further decline in its MAR which fell to 7% as its losses climbed to 1,638 units.
During May 2025 Cuban forces continued to move further west and north through the US mainland with little resistance beyond the expected garrison units found in most cities. More and more cities are being taken without even a fight as the US had not deployed garrisons. As Cuban forces moved northward and began to assault Morehead City, North Carolina there was a brief spike in US naval activity in both surface and submarine units. Cuban surface, submarine, ASW helo, and ground artillery quickly destroyed 5x US submarines and 2x US DDG-71’s.

On 02 JUL 2025, as Cuban forces approached Virginia Beach and within MLRS range of Washington DC, the US situation continued to decline. The US DAR remained at 20% while its MAR dropped to 6%. With its treasury now reaching a negative $3.93 trillion and a debt of $9.68 trillion, it was surprising as to how the US was able to continued holding on. US units lost had topped 1,885 with Cuba barely losing 260 units.

During August and Sept 2025 more US naval units were destroyed along the US east coast as Cuban MLRS began to bombard the US Capitol. The Cuban advance towards Washington DC was slowed down to ensure economy of force to enable more control of the battlefield; however, the forces moving westward continue to take cities and resources from the US economy. Cuban SOF units were used to expedite the taking of these cities and by late September 2025 Huntsville, AL, Knoxville, TN, and Charlotte, SC were under Cuban control. In the east Cuba has taken Norfolk, Portsmouth, Chesapeake, and Virginia Beach. The US MAR has now dropped to 3% and continues to decline as its losses top 2,056 units and its treasury reaches a new low of negative $4.12 trillion.

Between October and December 2025 the same trend continued with the US losing territory, 2,427 military units and as the New Year was celebrated the US MAR had officially dropped to 1%, its DAR remained at 20%, its treasury at negative $4.33 trillion.

During the first five months of 2026, Cuba continued to expand its area of control and finally made the assault on Washington DC on 01 APR 2026. The fight wasn’t as grandeur as one would have hoped, but keep in mind that the US military was struggling as its losses topped approximately 2,600 units. Sadly, the largest defense force that the US had to defend its capitol rested on the shoulders of garrison units. I would later find out that the US had plenty of MBT’s scattered throughout its region that could have helped had they been tasked to protect Washington DC. Regardless, on the evening of 02 APR 2026 Washington DC fell to Cuban forces causing a brief decline in the US DAR to 15% and its MAR bottomed out at 0%. I thought that the US surrender was inevitable at this point, but it held on for a few more months.

On 03 APR 2026, after the new US Capitol showed up at Los Angeles, CA its DAR returned to its normal percentage between 18-21%. With the move of the US Capitol to the West Coast I quickly redeployed 16x GB II, via Mexico, and captured Chula Vista, El Cajon, and San Diego, CA.

On 07 MAY the Cuban SOF had fought their way towards and was now assaulting the US Capitol at Los Angeles, CA. It took two days of serious fighting to dislodge the US forces as it had far more MBT’s and IFV’s along its western states to put into the fight. After having its second capitol to fall, the US DAR once again fell to 14% as its MAR remained at 0%. The US treasury was at a staggering negative $4.40 trillion and it had now lost 3,035 units. On 10 MAY 2026 the US Capitol once again appeared on its east coast – this time in New York, New York.

By 17 MAY 2026 the US DAR had stabilized at 17%, its MAR remained at 0%, its treasury at negative $4.40 trillion, its debt at $9.68 trillion. While the US lost 1,223,936 km2 of its territory, it did so at the loss of 3,104 units while only destroying 337 Cuban forces. The stats, up to this point of the war, shows that the US economy was drowning at an average of $56.9 billion dollars per month in order to reach its massive debt load. Its overwhelming loss of military units averaged out to 40 units per month, which wouldn’t seem to be a lot; however, these losses have been major combat units. At this time the US-Cuban war has been raging for 6 years, 4 months, and 8 days.

In the early days of June 2026 the Cuban Joint Chiefs of Staff had decided that it was time to end this war by any means. A total US surrender would be ideal; however, in the event the US held out it was decided that on 01 JULY 2026 that a formal request for peace would be offered to the United States.

By June 2026 a new contingent of Cuban SOF had been deployed throughout its US facilities and Cuba and these troops were quickly moved to within striking range of New York. During this move, the current forces in contact in that area continued to push forward and by 29 JUN 2026 everything was in place for a final attempt at taking over the United States. At 0200 hrs 29 JUN 2026, 22x GB II units, loaded onto a single AN-225 transport, were airdropped onto New York City. The battle lasted throughout the night and in the early hours of 30 JUN 2026 the United States officially surrendered to the Commander of the 1761st SOF Group. Peace at least.

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Re: AAR Playing as Cuba - SR2020 GC Update 7...

#32 Post by Rhyus » Jul 09 2010

Well done, i like how you tell the story. So whats next for the great nation of Cuba

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Re: AAR Playing as Cuba - SR2020 GC Update 7...

#33 Post by tonystowe » Jul 09 2010

Rhyus wrote:Well done, i like how you tell the story. So whats next for the great nation of Cuba
I am not sure if I will continue this game or move on to another region... If I continue that game I will update here as necessary.

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