UNIT file problem and 2 suggestions

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UNIT file problem and 2 suggestions

#1 Post by Uriens » Feb 12 2020

I ran into bug/issue while modding UNIT file. If you make unit upgrade into itself (yeah, its kindda funny sounding) then the game will start 'choking' - taking up all the system resources and eventually crashing. Most likely as soon as you open research tab. Ofc, having a same unit ID and UGTo is an error on the modders part but the game or at least equipment manager should have a check to catch such errors since they cause quite a nasty problem (took me a while to track it down). I suggest adding a check -> if SR5ID=UGTo then display error message. Helps a lot to prevent these kind of errors from happening.
My best guess is that having same UGTo as SR5ID causes infinite loop as soon as the function is called (like when you open research tab) and that's what eats up all the resources.

I have unrelated 2 suggestions for equipment management tool:
1 - Remove or at least make optional CTRL+Arrow key functionality. Very often when using CTRL+V and arrow keys to navigate and try to paste a value fast across lots of cells, you end up still holding CTRL when pressing arrow keys and ending at the start or the end of the document. Its quite inconvenient and a time waster.
2 - Add ability to CTRL+V multiple cells at once. You can already select multiple cells but when you press CTRL+V only the last one gets a new pasted value. Being able to change lots of them at once would be a huge time saver, especially when dealing with UNIT files.

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Re: UNIT file problem and 2 suggestions

#2 Post by Balthagor » Feb 12 2020

Suggestions noted.
Chris Latour
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