Supply truck concept, possible for change?

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Supply truck concept, possible for change?

#1 Post by mrgenie » Jul 21 2019

currently supply trucks kinda have the "kamikaze" way to distribute supplies.

They just drive into the front lines with the enemy.

Getting 500 of them slaughtered within 5 minutes of game play happens quite often.

How I understand the current programming logic: drive to a unit that needs supplies, even if you never make it to the and get killed, just get yourself killed without doing a thing!

1) I read a lot about real war documentation from soldiers that actually were in combat at front lines.
These big supply trucks never actually drive to the front line! They drive to main hubs and the front line troops within a range of
10 but sometimes up to 50km drive to these to get their supplies using their own jeeps, or back in the old days horses.
But it's not like supply trucks with 50 tons of goods drive straight into the front to supply troops directly at the front.

So for this reason, I think in the game supply trucks should not need to be directly on the same hex as the unit receiving the goods. You can have these
supply trucks like any other "supply center" extend supplies over 32km because I know from stories told by my grandfather when the Ardennes offensive
was a lot of US supplies in my province but my province was like 50-60km from the front lines.

smaller jeeps kept coming in hundreds a day my grandfather told me to pick up the goods from the large trucks that came from the other direction.

If you implement this in the game, it keeps the supply trucks from running directly into enemy front lines and it's more close to reality where large columns of supply trucks
won't just drive unguarded into the front lines.

other issue:
2) Accidentally, especially in Sahara and Siberia supply trucks even get stuck fully loaded!

They can distribute supplies to other units but not to themselves or other supply trucks.

This is kinda WEIRD!

SO I have 10+ tons of gasoline and 10+ tons of other goods in the back of my truck to deliver to a tank battalion and can't even fill up my own gasoline canister or
the gasoline of the supply truck next to me?

That doesn't make sense! Of course a supply truck should be able to get their drivers out of the truck and fill up their own!

As mentioned above, give supply trucks a radius of 32km, 2hexes so they don't have to drive actually into the front lines
and 2 give supply trucks the capability to supply themselves or at least each other, other supply trucks..

1 and 2 is more realistic and I think it will prevent a lot of lock ups or getting hundreds of trucks slaughtered at the front.

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Re: Supply truck concept, possible for change?

#2 Post by dax1 » Jul 22 2019

I'm agree
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