Issues w/ Map Editor & Asset Manager

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Issues w/ Map Editor & Asset Manager

#1 Post by Faslane » Aug 11 2018

Hello. I've been modding SRU for a few years but haven't posted here before...apologies if these issues have been flagged elsewhere.

I think I've possibly noticed a few bugs with the new Asset Manager and Map Editor. I'm not exactly a computer expert though so could well be missing something myself.

1) There seems to be a mix-up with the high/low/mid air attack attributes in mod files created using the new Asset Manager. I forget the exact order, but these values get jumbled up when the new file is created. For instance, the naval units I've been modding are now far better at shooting down high air targets than helicopters or mid air aircraft. These values get scrambled for every naval unit in the game, not just the handful that I changed myself. Same goes for air units. I can resolve the Asset Manager issues by editing a backup default.unit file the old fashioned way.

2) I'm trying to get to grips with the Map Editor. I've been trying to create Ascension Island and Pitcairn Island. The land is created fine and I can assign hex ownership/loyalty to the UK, but I'm having difficulty in created any villages/towns and buildings on these hexes. These can be placed fine, but are not there after I save the file and reload it, whereas the land ownership/loyalty changes I make do hold after saving. Same goes for HMS Jufair in Bahrain. I can change the loyalty of the hex, but I can't seem to get a new Sea Port to remain through a save. I've made sure the padlock symbol is unlocked and can't think what else might be the problem.

Has anyone stumbled across these as well? In any case, thanks BG for releasing these tools.

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