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Adding new regions to game problem

Posted: Jul 09 2018
by Viper151
I have been playing around the unsupported map editor by adding a region and keep getting problems when I try to cache the game.
These are the things I've done:

1. Use editor to add new owner number to a set of tiles.
2. Add a blank template with new region id in the CVP file. (Assuming the format is XXYY XX=Block number YY=Owner)
3. Add region to regionincl file.
4. Edited scenario file to use modded MAPX and OOF files.

When I attempt to cache the game it fails. I've about exhausted every idea I can come up with. If I'm not doing it right please let me know thanks.

EDIT: I figured it out its block number + region number so block 19 (Asia) + 89(China ww2) == 1989