Are country specific techs possible?

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Are country specific techs possible?

#1 Post by headbanger » Sep 12 2016

I have looked at the 2 files associated with the techtrees and even download the tech editor but nothing in there indicated how i would do that.

i would like to add a factory that would use electricity and agriculture to give me oil. is something like this possible?

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Re: Are country specific techs possible?

#2 Post by Kristijonas » Sep 15 2016

There is already a facility called "biosynth oil" I think. It uses agriculture and produces oil. Not sure if that helps.

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Re: Are country specific techs possible?

#3 Post by Balthagor » Nov 05 2016

Techs are available to all regions, can't be limited in that way.
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Re: Are country specific techs possible?

#4 Post by YoMomma » Nov 07 2016

Gameplay 1st

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Re: Are country specific techs possible?

#5 Post by Faisal Panezai » Sep 27 2018

There is a work-around to this.. what I did to make sure that I'm the only country to research my new custom tech is to set a certain flag for the tech (I think its labeled AI weighting or minister interest, its either one of those) to -1. That way none of the AI countires will research the tech and so defacto it ends up being exclusive to the human player.

Tried and tested this many times by loading the game in multiplayer to make sure the AI wasn't taking advantage of a few techs I made - it always works.

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Re: Are country specific techs possible?

#6 Post by vahadar » Sep 02 2019

You can definitly make a tech tree specific to a country.

Since a tech has conditionnals like prerequisites (max 2 techs as prerequisite), you can create a specific tech for a country, non researchable, non tradable, that you assign to this country, and you use this tech as one of the prerequisites in the other techs you want to create for that specific country (or group of countries up to you). You can create entire tech tree specificly for a country like this. This can also prevent specific units design from being traded if you dont have the "country tech" and want to spice the game by adding units designs only to a certain country.

I am using this a lot for my customs unrealeased dozens ever-changing-mods i have made (including the 1936 total modification mod i'm occasionnaly working on for years now) .

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