Asset_Manager problem

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Asset_Manager problem

#1 Post by Patkamil » Apr 16 2019

Hi, I have a problem with Asset_Manager, I can not import the DEFAULT.UNIT file. When I try, I get the error "Incorrect input string format.
System.Collection.ListDictionaryInternal First cell = 1"
Anyone can know how to help me?

Micheal Berg
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Re: Asset_Manager problem

#2 Post by Micheal Berg » May 14 2019

Change your PC`s input language to United States English

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Re: Asset_Manager problem

#3 Post by Nerei » May 15 2019

Setting decimal separator to period (.) is also advisable if you do not have this already as I am not sure they have updated it to use system settings. If they have not and you use comma (,) you will break your default.unit file

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Re: Asset_Manager problem

#4 Post by YoMomma » May 15 2019

I rather dont submit to the American world conquest, as long i can feed myself ;)
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