Content and Map Editor help

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Content and Map Editor help

#1 Post by Terran1969 » Oct 16 2018

Hi iv been trying to use the content editor and map editor tools with some success but I am having trouble with Towns and Cities iv added them via the content editor as buildable but when you try to build them in the game there is no town building. It is in the build menu but nothing builds is this a bug with the content editor or is there another thing I need to do? I also tried this in the map editor but after cashing the game the settlements vanished. on a positive not I was able to add the jet that the RAF hope to replace the Typhoon with that's the Tempest I used the F22 moddle for this. and I added the new Black Knight tank which will be the British armys upgrade for the Challenger 2 and I used the Port Royal moddle to create a new Battle Cruiser for the Royal Navy called Avenger and made it nuclear powered I made these unique to the UK. I was also able to give the British Isls its own theatre and redesigned battle zones around the British isls.

Anyway if you know how to make the city's visible on the map when you build them id love to know how you get this to work.

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Re: Content and Map Editor help

#2 Post by Viper151 » Oct 27 2018

I just found out why I was having this similar issue.
For the map editor:
Check all of your .scenario files and make sure they're not referencing some other scenario's .OOF file. If so move your .OOF file from the \Scenario\Custom directory and place it into your \Maps and change the reference in your scenarios files to it. (\Scenario\Custom , \Sandbox , \Multiplayer)
That should fix it the missing cities.

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