Creating HD 3D models

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Creating HD 3D models

#1 Post by Cyrus Jackson » Jul 13 2019

Hey guys, I originally planned to only create/import some plane models to the game but I'm ending up creating a complete compilation.

My goal was also to mix both Nerei and Russ1000 model pack into a plug and play mod for the community.

I already posted some stuff to the Discord so I'm creating this thread for visibility sake and also for possible request. (Yes I'm taking requests as long as it concerns a ~1950+ vehicle)
(I do have a big compilation of 3D vehicles from other modding communities in which I am/was active so I have a lot of material to work with.)

The main workload here is that all these models are very high poly and I'm spending hours cleaning them for SRU format to avoid lags.

So far, most of the finished models are around 4k Poly. That's a bit more than your usual Supreme Ruler model(~800) but to be honest, you shouldn't see any performance drop.

Here's 2 preview of what you guys can expect(And that's really a small part of what's already done/planned):

What you see here is what you get. They still use 520-pixel texture and work perfectly in SRU.

As a note, I'm focusing on Cold War/Modern vehicles, no HQ WW2 vehicle sorry.

Finally, I can't say it enough but big thank you to Nerei as he is the one doing the necessary step for the final conversion into a format readable by Supreme Ruler. This mod wouldn't be here without him.

I'm aiming for a release in less than a month. The models will come with a unit/stat mod of my making. Lots of QOL improvement and unit fix but I don't want to spoil it too much.

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