[MOD] ColdWarNR - a map mod to reduce MM casualities

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[MOD] ColdWarNR - a map mod to reduce MM casualities

#1 Post by evildari » Dec 26 2018


this map mod aims to reduce the merchant marine casualities in some infamous traps like leningrad, or piling up ships in the great north american lakes.
In such locations Wide rivers were changed to narrow rivers, any naval fabrication that would become useless was moved down the river to have oceanaccess again.
Map and OOF is also provided for your own modifications.
Get it here: https://nofile.io/f/WUMADUDQRUt/ColdWarNR.7z

Put all folders into your game folder - no default files are overwritten.
In Sandbox look for "ColdWarNR"
my mods
http://www.bgforums.com/forums/viewtopi ... 79&t=25932 (even techs and units for everyone - AI will own you too)
http://www.bgforums.com/forums/viewtopi ... 79&t=29326 (MARSX2)

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