[OBSOLETE][UI MOD]road revealer - building hider mod

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[OBSOLETE][UI MOD]road revealer - building hider mod

#1 Post by whismerhill » Nov 28 2018

This mod is obsolete as of the latest update that includes a similar feature in the official build, thanks BattleGoat

following a small request d-basset was kind enough to make a mod for it.
so here I am registering on this forum to present you his awesome work
I think it's really a great mod, when you've built a lot and you can't see roads & railroads anymore

I allowed myself to repackage the mod and thought I would share :
complete with installation & uninstallation procedures & description inside a readme.txt with all credits to d-basset

https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... _roads.zip

sidenotes: no support guarantees given, the mod wasn't done by me & was created in the spur of the moment, it works fine with version 9.1.89
Here is a quick mod that allows you to turn on/off all buildings, it is accessible through the pop-up settings <CTRL>+<SHIFT>+S
(useful to see roads & railroads)

quick mod by d-basset
=========usage :=============
it's an interface mod and as such doesn't require recaching & can be installed & uninstalled at will

installation : as usual with hapx mods
-backup your hapx folder (suggestion : zip the whole hapx folder, it's small)
-copy POP_SETTINGS.HAPX to ./Steam/SteamApps/common/Supreme Ruler Ultimate/HAPS or wherever you installed the game.
-alternatively if you don't know where your game folder is :
right click supreme ruler ultimate from your steam library, choose "properties" then "local files" then "browse local files"
then choose the "haps" folder & copy POP_SETTINGS.HAPX there.

-choose overwrite

=====uninstallation : =======
-restore POP_SETTINGS.HAPX from backup
-alternatively verify your files integrity in steam

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