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Re: Shattered World 1901 Mod

Post by Jack16 »

Rawhide wrote:
Rawhide wrote:
Rawhide wrote:Will this work in Ultimate?
Installed it into the Ultimate folder, seems to be working, or at least it started up fine. Thanks!
All the countries go Axis early on. Played it into the 1950's and not a single war on the planet. Quietest game of SR I've ever played. :lol:

Been tinkering around with the files trying to get more axis/allied aligned countries at the start, but I've never modded SR and it's just a tad confusing...
But was that the mod when brought into Ultimate?

I would love to test out if this mod works in Ultimate, but don't really want to use up many days on a country, only to see how bugged the world politics are and how few no wars are started.

The mod itself sounds amazing though. Really wish we could get a shattered world for every starting year in the Vanilla Ultimate game.
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Re: Shattered World 1901 Mod

Post by VishVirtus »

Where is the file, When I click on the link it doesn't work for me
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Re: Shattered World 1901 Mod

Post by CommissarKarkhov »

I have some experience with a similar mod. I've tried everything imaginable to prevent regions that have unique infantry units from using generic units instead, but they keep doing it. Sometimes it seems to work initially, but they always seem to find a way to ruin it by phasing out their own unique units for the generic grey infantry. Does your mod have this issue?
Sort of getting back into SR after a years long hiatus.
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