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Re: 3D modelling

#1111 Post by Breznev » Sep 03 2019

Overall thanks for the interaction :-)
I just wanted to clarify some of the missing models in the game 8O 8O
There are also missing some units in the game
I help provide information about military units , And I think that my knowledge will benefit in the development of the game from good to better. In particular, assisting designers by providing sufficient and adequate information about military units
I really know how hard programmers and developers are trying to develop the game and try to mod a new models of the unit
Generally I never insist on executing my requests at specific times never
I just offer a bunch of data and information about military equipment and I hope that the designers will take it into consideration in any update coming or at least in the near future.
For example , there are some units is not present in the game

S-125 Neva/Pechora


S-200 Angara/Vega/Dubna ( in russian langage : Ангара\Вега\Дубна )


for information in the game there is a unit named SA 2 Guideline , its like the Picture of the S-200 in this case the modder can add the S-200 versions + some edit and use the model of SA 2 Guideline Because they are actually alike !

SAM System 2K12M1-2L (Kvadrat-2L)


These are some units that is not found in the game !!

I just provide some information and pictures about the unit , and I can provide information about its ranges and radars and others... and the date of manufacture in fact and the date of entry into service

Generally, I do not want to fulfill these requests at a specific time or to link designers to a specific time
No, I think my requests are simple :-) And all my purpose is to help improve the performance of the game and add more realistic to the game

I have already placed some requests , That would elevate the realism of the game.. But it was rejected by the developers :-(
The argument was rejection There are no resources !!

largely I repeat that I do not want to associate designers with a specific time to fulfill my request
Finally, thanks for the interaction and the response

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Re: 3D modelling

#1112 Post by sparky282 » Sep 09 2019

Nerei wrote:
Sep 03 2019
To be fair the MIM-104 PAC3 Patriot I made is with a JSDF Type 73 tractor so you can argue for also making one with a Oshkosh HEMTT M983. The S-300 is also on a MAZ truck. I want to do a HEMTT at some point which lends itself well to also making THAAD and a M983. I also already got an incomplete Pantsir somewhere.
I also have plans for the BUK M1 but I do not want to give any timeframe for it. That is really my approach for all models.

The rest my happen I do not know yet. I will put them on my list but it should not be a great surprise that it is fairly long already.

Currently I am mainly focusing on finishing textures for the next release. I am probably not going to start any new models at this time or work on anything that is far from finished.
After that I might give this project low priority or even put it on pause for some time. I do not have much time right now anyway so the loss will be limited and I will just end up stressing if I start making deadlines even just for myself.
Taking time off and coming back fresh might also be the more productive option long term.
Seems fair enough to me buddy there is already so many of your models in-game the time it's taken you must be huge but it's your models that have kept this game interesting for me probably over the 400hours I had when I started using your models which now stands at around 1000+ hours I look forward to the next release I think after that you deserve some down time :D

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Re: 3D modelling

#1113 Post by Nerei » Sep 11 2019

I probably got way more than 1000 hours in making models for the game. I am fairly certain I have made somewhere around 200-250 models so far and I am fairly certain they have taken at least 4-5 hours each on average. Probably significantly more really as some warships and tanks have taken well over 10.

I have however not really had any time to work on this for well over a week and I am not sure when I will have much time to spare so any chances of a release soon-ish are not that great.

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Re: 3D modelling

#1114 Post by sparky282 » Sep 14 2019

And that's without including the large number of models you have just helped Cyrus Jackson bring to the game also!

Have a break buddy we'll wait for the next release :-)

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