SR- Great War - France, the Set-Up

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SR- Great War - France, the Set-Up

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Dec 12 2017

Playing: Sandbox. France - 1914. The initial set-up looks like this:

* * Land Production: 3 slots
* * Air Production: 2 slots
* * Naval Production: 5 slots

* Reserves: Army: 477; Air: 16; Navy: 219 units

* Military Facilities begun: 1 x Military Goods; 3 x Barracks; 2 x Supply Depot; 1 x Fortification (Nice);
2 x Land Production (2nd at Lyon; 2nd at Mantes-la-Jolie).

* Initial Unit Production: Army: 3 x mle 1913 105mm guns; Air: 2 x Caudron G.3 patrol;
Naval: 1 x Adventurier (Esc); 1 x Bison (Esc); 1 x MTB; 1 x Le Garone AO; 1 x AE Civilian Cargo

* Research Projects (3): Supply Truck; Grenade Fusing; Manufacturing Improvements.

Foreign Relations: Germany, Italy, Japan and Serbia are all high hostility (one or two red boxes).
Best prospects for trade are: Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands, UK, U.S., Canada (and several other Commonwealth countries), China, Brazil, Mexico.

Deployments: Several Infantry units are being sent to French African and Indo-China colonies, as well as despatch of some Pre-Century Destroyers (more properly classed as Torpedo Boat Destroyers) to Djibouti, Madasgascar (not Malagasy as on map), and some of the Iron Gunboats will be sent to Indo-China, Madasgascar, and French Pacific (New Caledonia, etc.).

[Updates will follow periodically.]

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Re: SR- Great War - France, the Set-Up

#2 Post by Roquenut » Jan 13 2018

Thank you very much for setting up. I really helped me I hope to win really.

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Re: SR- Great War - France, the War Begins

#3 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Jan 20 2018

The war fights - initially with Germany, because the latter declares war on France, is detailed below in this first posting, with particular attention to French losses. The reason is to give players a perspective on Unit vulnerabilities, problems with dealing with other units, the need to have certain Military fabrication facilities, and the overall direction of the German and French campaigns.

1. German focus: initial German attacks focused on the northeast of France, particularly the Nancy city area. Germany appears to concentrate all its mobile units in this area, without focusing on invading Belgium at the same time. This German declaration of war occurs on 1August1914.

France is also aware of German West African colonies, adjacent its own. Therefore, a French minimal effort is also aimed at defeating German Togoland, as the most threatening (being adjacent) of the German colonies.


* 10 July 14 - China declares war on Japan......observing the action as best possible, the AI fails to engage either in open warfare....China does not attack Korea, and Japan does not attack Manchuria, for example, over the coming year. The only exception is to attack Japanese-owned Port Arthur (old Russian name; using the new Chinese Pinyin name is wrong on the Map). [Bad dog, bad dog, AI.... :-( ]

* 26 Jul - Japan's Guangdongzhou (Port Arthur) falls to Chinese land forces.

* 28 Jul - Austria-Hungary declares war against Serbia.....which becomes an active war front by both sides.

* * 1 JULY 1914 - GERMANY declares war against FRANCE.
China declares war against Tibet.

German forces attack French fortifications and the immediate areas around city of Nancy. French mobilise forces, in Paris and other location north of Paris.

* 3 July - German declares war against Luxembourg. Luxembourg falls at end of 3 July.
French Equatorial Africa declares war against German Kamerun (Cameroon).

French losses: Naval - 7 x Patrol category craft are lost in the English Channel, largely due to surface attacks by German units.
Ground: 1 x Cavalry unit, adjacent Nancy.

* 4 July -
French losses: Naval - 1 x Cruiser (AUBE); 3 x Patrol category, in English channel
Ground: 1 x Cavalry (6th); 1 x Infantry (126th) - fighting mostly near city of Toul.

* 5 July -
French losses: Naval - 1 x Patrol (330th) craft
Ground: 2 x mel 105mm artillery (25th, 36th)

Production Underway: 2 x mle 1913 105mm gun; 1 x Infantry (Marseilles land factory)
Air - 2 x Caudron G.3 patrol biplanes
Naval - 1 x "Amaturer" class, 1 x "Bisson" class Escort (both partially completed at games beginning);
1 x Motor Torpedo Boat (MTB); 1 x Le Garonne AO (tanker); 1 x Cargo AE

* 7 July - Serbia declares war on Germany; Austria-Hungary declares war on Russia; German New Guinea declares war on British Solomon Islands
French Losses: 1 x mle 1909 Mtn How (27th); 2 c mle 1913 105mm guns (26th, 31st); 1 x Infantry (126th) - all on the Toul Front.

* 8 July - Montenagro declares war on Germany
French Losses: Ground: 1 x mle M1913 gun (27th) - near Toul.

* 9 July - French Losses: 2 x Infantry (136, 188th)) near Nancy; 1 x Garrison (256th) Charleville-Metz; 1 x Cavalry (14th) near Toul; 1 x Garrison (241st) at Nancy.

* 10 July - French Losses: 1 x Cavalry (9th), 1 x Garrison (241st) - both at Nancy

* 11 July - French Losses: 1 x 152mm M1910/37 artillery (17th) - near Nancy.

* 12 July - Great Britain declares war on Austria-Hungary - followed by all Commonwealth nations/colonies.

Completions: Military Complex at X 361 Y 164 - north of Belfort, nnortheast France;
Barracks: completed Barracks at Chambery, southeast France.

* 13 July - China declares war against Bhutan

* 15 July - Completed Barracks at Verdun. Units being mobilized to stop German incursions past Luxembourg.

* 16 July - Completed Land Production facility (No. 2) at Mantes-La-Jolie, outside Paris

A lull in fighting continues, as both side attempt to bring in reinforcements, with artillery exchanges and small attacks against Garrisons the most common German tactic.

* 18 July - Completed Barracks at Belfort, northeast France

* 19 July - French Losses: 1 x M.06 75mm artillery (15th), 1 x mle M.1913 (28th), 1 x Infantry (132nd) - all in northeast France.

* 21 July - Completed Land Production No.2 at Lyon, south-central France
Completed Barracks at Gagness-Sur-Meir, near Paris

* 22 July - Austria-Hungary declares war against Belgium
French Losses - 1 x Cavalry (21st) north of Charleville-Maziers

* 23 July - Japan declares war on China

* 25 July - Japan declares war on Austria-Hungary
French ground forces move into Belgium, including Bruxelles/Brussels, military complex and land production facility at X 845 Y 150 - to prevent German occupation.
French Losses: 1 x Infantry (143rd) east of Belfort, northeast France

July-August operations:
Operations of French forces against German Togoland continued throughout July and into late-August, occupying one small village after another with little Garrison opposition.

In France, the fighting continued at a moderate pace in the regions of Nancy and Touls, where both sides are somewhat stalemated and unable to occupy either of the major areas in total.

French submarines and light escort forces have now deployed throughout the English Channel, and English naval forces continue to engage both German surface ships and submarines off the southeast coast and in the English Channel. This has also resulted in the loss of several French submarines, versus German subs.

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Re: SR- Great War - France, the Set-Up

#4 Post by way2co0l » Jun 20 2018

Very cool. I'm curious what kind of losses you're inflicting and how your military goods supplies are holding up. I'm assuming that concentrated German artillery is responsible for a large number of your casualties? Of course once they exhaust their own supply for military goods that problem should become rather trivial. Are you at least making them pay for the losses they've inflicted? :)

How much of your military are you controlling manually and how much to the AI? I'm assuming that the AI is controlling your navy at the very least, but it sounds like you're controlling your own ground forces more directly. How is your artillery performing and how long will you be able to supply it with military goods at your current pace?

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