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Post by mrgenie »

I always found it impossible to play this game for decades.

I managed 3 or 4 decades, but eventually always going bankrupt.

So I started making my own scenario (not done yet, will publish once it's done)
giving smaller countries more to trade with
removing the infrastructure
adding more supplies, especially low supply regions

changing the countries, their benefits and drawbacks..

trying to give more options to smaller countries, limited bigger countries.

Yeah it's not realism anymore, it's more about nation building.

We then ran the game multiplayer, and played on in total 60+ hours (lots of time just kept it running background to continue the time)
and see if we go bankrupt again.

It got slow twice, due to 50k and more units

so we then RELOADED the game as scenario, basically 100% continuing the game except NO UNITS

So we went from 1912 to 1958
return to 1912 with NO UNITS
then again to 1932
Return to 1912 with NO UNITS
then to 1925

So in total kept the scenario running almost 8 decades.

In the end Germany conquered all of Europe and Africa
India conquered all of Asia, Oceania
and Brazil conquered all of the Americas

3 countries left

And then we (Germany & India attacked)

The final battle is about 20k units fighting all over the pacific, Atlantic and invading the Americas.

Since Germany & India had 50+ research labs, Germany researched ALL technology possible
India still at 2020-2025 mostly (much less research because of finances)

German GDP went up to 32.000 and Indian to 8000 so Germany could afford much more research.

Fact is, the game it's possible with this scenario to play for decades, conquer the world without going bankrupt
even after 8 decades.

I tried to upload some pictures I made with my phone, but this website prevents uploading anything over the size of 1980 webhosts
so I can't unfortunately.

But I think good letting you know we are working on a scenario with most modern editor stuff from BG
where you can play for decades.

Btw in Total the CASH of the world is about 30 Trillion USD..

And over 150 Million military goods

and over 100 Million industrial goods

and surplus in every raw material.

That's the outcome after conquering the world after 8 decades.

WTG Battlegoat!

We're still working on our scenario.

I expressed a few wishes at BG I need to complete the scenario but BG already said not going to happen this summer, if at all,
so we're kinda tied with our hands on that one.

But at least we already have some alpha version I can happily report which is great for multiplayer.
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Re: Finally

Post by PanzerHue »

sounds very interesting!
keep up the testing :)
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