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Military - Units Path Around

Post by mrgenie »

Is a great option to avoid cluttering of armies.

I currently ran a game with avoiding my own units running like crazy around the world.

Especially getting stuck in the Sahara or Siberia.

So these countries I delete all military production and make them colonies.

Then I say:"units path around" and hand over 100-150 units to these colonies.

I build them some airfields, barracks, etc.. and they're running great on their own.. forming a buffer between me and enemies
as well as supplying me with resources.

BUT, I actually do want to use their supplies for my navy & air force. Just not land units.

There's room enough here where the "units path around" is located so..

could you add 2 more buttons and:
Btn1: Land units path around
Btn2: Naval units path around
Btn3: Air units path around

Maybe some "general setting" that applies to all colonies for these 3?

And please don't forget the request for "ministerial control" of colonies I mentioned in another request.
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