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Colonial Manpower

Posted: Aug 02 2018
by PanzerHue
First of all, thanx for a(nother) great game!
Playing as Great Britain I get a lot of resources from my colonies, but is it also possible to use their manpower for military units?

Best regards...

Re: Colonial Manpower

Posted: Aug 02 2018
by way2co0l
Unfortunately not really. They also can't build up units themselves because any military facility they try to build would be transferred to your control. The best you could do would be to send them units for them to use, but this is an imperfect choice because you won't have any control over where they choose to send those units that you've sent them. You can really just hope that they'll send them somewhere where they'll be useful.

Re: Colonial Manpower

Posted: Nov 05 2018
by dax1
way2co0l wrote:
Aug 02 2018
Unfortunately not really. They also can't build up units themselves because any military facility they try to build would be transferred to your control. [...]
that is not really right...
all military facilities before colonization were transferred. later the colony built others military facilities that remain to them, but they do not build new units.
I wish that also colony could build units with permission from parent region.

Re: Colonial Manpower

Posted: Nov 05 2018
by SGTscuba
Same dax1

Re: Colonial Manpower

Posted: Nov 19 2018
by mrgenie
I totally second that!!

Let colonies have their own military facilities and build their own military units.. I think they should be able to build the same units as your own country.. without tech transfer itself!

So as long as they are part of your empire, they can use your technological advances. Once they leave, they have to rely on their own technical level..

Either way, they should have their own armies..

I mean, that's also in reality. Many colonies of western powers had their own troops..

OR in case you oppose them having the same tech level.. it's true colonial troops usually not as advanced..

so you could say: colonial troops are ruling country troops minus a few levels.. so they can fight and do damage and could in mass win an war of independence..

which is a concept I miss in SR!! If you don't treat colonies proper they should declare independence..

But either way, they should be able for their own military production..

Re: Colonial Manpower

Posted: Nov 19 2018
by YoMomma
No.1 reason for a country to have a colony is economical reasons. Cheap labor or stealing other resources. Not to go bankrupt by building unlimited amount of troops.

I consider colony building military fabrications a bug. Master should have full control of colony descisions like that.

Alot of colonies didnt had that choice.. Poland under USSR, Indonesia under Netherlands, India under UK, Japanese colonies. All opression of the population and nomather how big their army was, they never gained independence because of it, They gained independence to get rid of the problems and sweeten relations with the rest of the world or just plain loosing wars.

You might think because of USA, but USA wasn't a colony. USA was annexed, well not really cause USA didnt exist, but yeah there wasnt oppresion of the population, just occupying land by UK, Spain, Portugal and Netherlands. And bringing slaves, but yeah that's something else i think.

Re: Colonial Manpower

Posted: Nov 19 2018
by Demonius
The original 13 US States were British Colonies, they fought and won their war for independence. The US is the only nation in the world to have done that.

Re: Colonial Manpower

Posted: Nov 20 2018
by YoMomma
Not really it was annexed by UK. Spanish people lived there, Portugese, French, Dutch, German and they werent opressed really. They didnt agree either, but that's another story. All of them tried to form a new country. Thats why it's called New York, or before it was called New Amsterdam. Plan was to make a new country and build a new life.

Reason for this is, because it was very easy to get all the resources you need with very big area for expansion. In Asia, South America and Africa you just had to kill anyone who opposed, cause else they would flee into the jungle or desert and form groups, really not suitable for making a new country. So instead with colonies you give goverment functions to people from the motherland and eliminate anyone who oppose, soon everyone will listen, but ofcourse stay unhappy.

Re: Colonial Manpower

Posted: Nov 20 2018
by dax1
YoMomma wrote:
Nov 19 2018
[...] India under UK,[...]
that's not 100% ww2 there was mixed brigades (1 british battallion + 1 or 2 indian battallion)
don't know about other regions

Re: Colonial Manpower

Posted: Nov 20 2018
by YoMomma
What do you mean? What's not true? I didnt say they had no army.

Basicly how colony army's behave in game is settlers, but theres already a game called like that.

Re: Colonial Manpower

Posted: Mar 29 2019
by mrgenie
Fact is most colonies had industries and capacities to build at least light weapons. It's true something like tanks was done mostly by European colonial powers. But that was a political decision.

It's not like Indonesia, India, US colonies, etc didn't have foundries or other industries. They had them. Just political decided not to purchase weapons in the colonies and thus their local industries
never build up production. That's a political decision! NL, UK, France, etc could easily have asked their colonies to start small arms production and equip local small arms troops.

And in fact, several countries did! Colonists in the US, India, Africas, etc fought on behalf of the colonial powers. They did have their own armed troops.

Usually limited to infantry but they did have own troops. This was also necessary to avoid invasion! Imagine colonies in Africa didn't have local troops. Would be easy for the other colonial powers
to seize power. And keeping full scaled occupying forces would cost more than the benefits of the colonies.

So usually they had good equipped troops from the colonial power to "lead" but supported by many more light armed local troops.

I totally miss this concept in SR. Again it's a political decision not available to the supreme ruler in supreme ruler which should be there.

I should have the option to allow my colony by a setting to, let's say I could set for each of my colony the amount of troops I wish and the tech level.
I.e. telling Sudan I want them to maintain 10.000 local troops with light infantry and tell my minister they should be added by 2.000 heavy combat troops from my homeland being stationed there.

I fail the "Numbers setting" there is only NONE, LOW, MEDIUM, HIGH..

But SR should allow me NUMBERS to set for countries, regions, colonies, theaters..

So I could tell my minister:
150.000 troops stationed in France
20.000 troops in Morocco
10.000 troops stationed in Algeria
my allies like Netherlands keep a small force of 5000 troops
Belgium a small force of 5000 troops

And then I can rate the IMPORTANCE
like France 100%
belgium, Netherlands both 50%
Morocco Algeria each 10%

So the first 1000 troops will be distributed: (100/220)*1000 stationed in france, (50/220)*100 go to Netherlands & Belgium and (10/220)*1000 go to the colonies
but ONLY TO THE MAX set in the nr of troops to be stationed..

That way I can get my minister to BIND units to countries, regions, theaters to handle how I assess the risk of my lands to be exposed/invaded..

These settings should be peace time settings.. for initial deployment and BIND units to a specific region so they won't move all around the map..
however few triggers in game should be programmed to override.. i.e. if an enemy is invading too deep into my territories obviously my local troops need support..

this again can be done with priorities.. priorities during wartime could be based on homeland vs colony but also of course
military importance, raw material supply, economical importance..

ie. paris and surrounding would be very important but also rubber plants or oil production in Africa..

but I generally miss the "SUPREME RULER" task for this..

Or still not understanding the game after all these years as I never found out how to make sure the Minister does that job! :)