Some praise and a couple of questions:

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Some praise and a couple of questions:

#1 Post by Orion292 » Apr 14 2018

First off I would just like to congratulate Battle Goat studios on designing one hell of a game. I’m a huge fan of Geo-Political simulators and although some other games might be better in simulating certain aspects like internal politics, economy, diplomacy etc. Supreme Ruler in my opinion is far superior in combing all the aspects of the genre into one workable and fun gaming model; so smile big you Canadian chaps; job well done. That being said I got a couple of quick questions for anyone whose willing to be of assistance:

On the income report (screenshots below) the tool tips for under State dept. for Trade received and foreign aid and under Treasury for Loan principal and interest; do these fields ever become populated? Because if they do I’ve never seen it. Same goes for the Expense report. Any ideas/answers? Are these fields functional or just there for possible updates like the Rail Transport toggle button under Alert Condition?

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