Yet another numbering issue

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Yet another numbering issue

#1 Post by mrgenie » Dec 08 2017

As you can clearly see in the uploaded picture there is a list of 3 times identical available missiles.

The total number of 1104 is roughly just fine I suppose. Didn't keep track of 'm.

I loaded missiles on launchers and they got unloaded after the war I send them into reserves
147 pieces

next time a war I loaded them and minister used them and the remains went back into stock when I
put units back in reserve: 306

and now for a long time I'm just building missiles but not using them 651

As a side note: the missile design number on "deployed and reserved units count" which usually is correct
isn't in this particular case. As you can clearly see. Also production etc is not right.

As the game continues (1949 now) errors keep growing..
designs numbering wrong

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