Bombarded unit accumulating too much experience (?)

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Bombarded unit accumulating too much experience (?)

Post by Draken »

Bombarded unit seem to be gaining more experience than the bombarding units. I have seen in several cases where I don't have a decisive number of artillery pieces that the effect of my attacks is to created very experienced enemy units, while mine only seem to gain experience with confirmed kills...

To clarify, this using the "bombard" command and regular attacks (enemy unit on my ZOC)...

What do you guys think?
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Re: Bombarded unit accumulating too much experience (?)

Post by YoMomma »

Artillery is hard to get experience, well what's hard, if you just send them to bombard a city eventually they get xp :)

I think when your units get injured and heal backup whether it is by entrenching over time or barracks you will gain most xp.
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Re: Bombarded unit accumulating too much experience (?)

Post by vahadar »

I have also noticed that units getting severe damage will get experience faster than units attacking continuously.
For instance, in a same batch of units fighting for the first time, the one getting the most damage will usually get an experience star before others, even if it has no confirmed kill when others do.
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