Road Profiles/Road and Rail Auto Builder; How I think it would work

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Road Profiles/Road and Rail Auto Builder; How I think it would work

#1 Post by Starfoth » Aug 10 2017

So I've seen a few topics over the years talking about roads and rail and auto-building, and I have an idea of how it could work. The main reason I bring this up here is because roads are basically the unicorn of the great war era and it is hard to find many of them. So putting this idea together will not only solve THIS problem, but make it so that road building is generally easier.

The Options - Roadwork

Roadwork is based off of battle zones. However, there would be an option for a theatre based one that simple relays down to battlezones and acts as if you clicked every single battle zone.

Light roadwork simply builds roads along the border of a battle zone. 2 different battle zones that border one another would share roads so you don't get double roadwork if you build roads along one another.
Medium roadwork builds everything light roadwork does, with the addition of also building a customized grid inside of it. The grid won't be too big or too small, and will vary based on the battle zone. Also, it will make sure that it properly runs through large cities and such.
Heavy roadwork will make sure that every village, facility, and base is connected to the grid in a heavy set of roads, but will first construct light, then medium roadwork. Heavy roadwork, unlike the others, is systematically generated while the others go off of pre-designed profiles

The Options - Railways

I'm open to suggestions for this one. If anyone would like to leave a suggestion on how railways would work, I'll quote you here if I think that it is good.

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