Concept of bombing raids / bomber command

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Concept of bombing raids / bomber command

#1 Post by mrgenie » Dec 06 2017

Sometimes in a battle there's 1 or 2 enemy units just slaughtering ALL of your units.

Mostly this is a battle ship from a distance bombing your land units. AI does this great and so do I as human sometimes
position 1 or 2 of these ships with 0 protection just to take out dozens if not over 100 units of the enemy.

But in most cases I see 100+ bombers are in the area. Sometimes 1 or 2 bombing some region here and there.
Most of the bombers, if left to AI, usually doing pretty much nothing.

In this case, the AI should have an event triggered:"hey, I'm loosing tons of units down there. All by shells from
artillery, battle ship, etc. .. I have 100+ bombers there doing nothing... LAUNCH BOMBER CAMPAIGN!

I do this manually each time with a success rate of 100% but never seen the AI doing this, but it's a proven
WWII concept and works in the game as well. AI should be aware of this.

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Re: Concept of bombing raids / bomber command

#2 Post by Roquenut » Jan 13 2018

Thanks for the advice, I'll try to do it. I did not play through it, hopefully your technique will make me pass.

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Re: Concept of bombing raids / bomber command

#3 Post by Kristijonas » Jan 13 2018

Wow, didn't expect the AI to respond to this suggestion.

I second the suggestion btw, the AI use of bombers is pathetic. I've seen empires fight over many years and finally lose - still with a thousand of bombers/multifighters just circling around many air bases doing nothing... Sometimes they get triggered by something, but it's a rare happenstance.

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