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map editor again

#1 Post by mrgenie » May 15 2020

I spend SO MUCH TIME, no I WASTED so much time to figure out every time if something is an abandoned, village, city, town, small, large, bla bla..

and then to find out THIS IS WASTE OF TIME!

Why, the smart programmer added the functionality upon loading the editor to automatically
detect and set the proper "Abandoned Town, Village, City, Small, Large, etc"


So the editor seriously needs to be cleaned up a bit.

Get rid of ALL the city/village/abandoned etc.. which is a HUGE list in the "place containers and components" tab.. it takes a lot of time to scroll there through the thousands of abandoned towns, villages, etc.

Since the editor automatically does set this correct based on the population.. scrap the mention of all these differences in city, town, village, abandoned..

Just have 1 single option there:"locality" or whatever.. you place that and set the population nr. and the rest does the editor already automatically anyway.

And also move it out of that tab anyway.

There's a tab called "cities" so the possibility to add new localities should be placed there..

And again, not 1000+ options or a huge list what's already on the map on cities, villages, etc..

Since the editor does it automatically, 1 single button and a population slider will be enough.

Also don't just have a slider there, but let us also type the exact number if we want that.

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