map editor - reset hex

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map editor - reset hex

#1 Post by mrgenie » May 07 2020

In the "place containers and components" there's this option to "reset hex" and confirm.

This works great except, it also deletes ONE information from the "resources" namely
the "Block" is reset to 0.

Everything else i the "Resources" tab remains the same.

I would actually expect that "reset all" in the "place containers and components" only
resets any data you actually set int the "place containers and components"

I find it actually a bit weird a "reset" option in tab A would also reset some information
in tab B, but only ONE and leave everything else untouched.

My suggestion:

this reset option only resets data from the "place containers and components"
and not reset anything from other tabs.

IF you feel the necessity for resetting anything from other tabs do so with a reset option
INSIDE these tabs.. or a general reset outside of any tab, which then really resets everything!
Setting everything to default values.

But this kind of inconsistency we now have is kinda annoying as every time I wanna remove something from the places and containers I always need to switch tabs and REDO the block

Annoying and unnecessary.

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