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Feature request - fortified bridges

Posted: Jul 18 2019
by mrgenie
during WWI and WWII a lot of bridges weren't just your ordinary bridges but they had bunkers on each side or
even larger fortifications at strategical points.

In SR you can add a garrison to each bridge, but that's not realistic.

In real war you wouldn't have a Garrison at each bridge only after you fortified them

So my request is keep the bridge as they are right now with no garrisons

add the option to "fortify" a bridge and then multiple garrisons, flak, anti-tank etc
so it's damn hard to storm such a fortified bridge other then bombing the bridge itself.

normal infantry, etc would have MASSIVE losses taking down such a bridge, BUT,
specialized troops specially trained and equipped to take down fortified installations would have a higher
chance of success, but they'd be cut off from supplies of course so you need a combined assault
of specialized air troops, infantry, armored brigades..

As it was done in the real world as well.