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map editor feature(s) request

Posted: Jul 18 2019
by mrgenie
-1) highlight specific objects MUCH MORE!
-2) Filter ALL objects on the map

it's hard to find villages on the map, especially with fewer then 1000 people
it's hard to find roads or railroads on the map
it's also hard sometimes finding other stuff on the map

so would it be possible, to have some filters in the map editor, that these filtered objects get a "ruler" 10%, 20%, up to 100% of a color that springs into the eye like:,0,255

100% would be 100x100 pixels and 1% would be 1x1 pixel?

So what I mean is, if my filter is set on "roads" all the roads get this beautiful annoying color with the object size from minimal 1x1 pixel to maximum 100x100 pixels..