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Colonial Management

Posted: Apr 26 2019
by mrgenie
In some colonies I put some barracks, airfields, harbors..

but they ran out of industrial, military, $$$ and thus halt building..

then I offer them whatever they are missing.. but they don't resume!

I think this is unwanted and I think generally there should be a "colony minister"

Suggestions what a colony minister could do:
- repair
- continue construction
- erase buildings/roads/railroads in colonies as well (micromanagement)
- sell/block products to international markets or blockade/embargo to specific countries(i.e. when at war with the USA my colony Malaysia I don't want them to sell rubber to the USA and if a country sells to the USA what I sold them or my colony sold them, gain casus belli against them each time they continue selling through stuff)
- colonial forces management
a) tell the colonial minister to put colonial forces in reserve
b) tell colonial minister to leave colonial forces only to protect the colony (don't aid me!!!)
c) tell colonial minister to send 25%, 50% or 75% of forces to come and aid the mother land
d) tell colonial minister to upgrade forces to modern units
e) .. and some more but BASIC military control options..

-if I scrap some military complex (land of colony got "annexed" by me automatically) then it's returned to the colony after scrapping

well, not sure if SR is still being maintained, developed.. but that's what I'm missing.. colonial management.