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Colonial power not fighting

Posted: Nov 19 2018
by mrgenie
Just today I came upon something very odd I haven't noticed before as I never played like that.

Until now, I only played conquering the world no colonies.

This eventually always bankrupts me due to what I believe some bug in the economical engine of the game. But this post is about something else.

YoMomma told me for the same reason of going bankrupt if the country gets to big he makes colonies.

so I did the same.. playing Germany now and to avoid bankruptcy only colonize. Seems to work thus far.

But now Germany got into a war with France and in Africa my colony "German Togoland" is just like me at war with "French West Africa"

So I thought, ok, let's send him 100 troops I give to my colonial power so I don't have to do the war let him fight in Africa.

Now he transported all his units to Africa but he can't fight!

I switched on to see the pathing lines and I see the AI is pathing the units into French West Africa to conquer them, but these colonial units can't!

IF a unit for mine creates at least 1 single area of French West Africa which I conquer, from that point on the units from German Togoland start to expand
my area and fight.. but without my units they get stuck and keep pathing every day and then abord.. as they for some odd reason can't seem to conquer the land themselves

Personally I think this is a bug?

Why shouldn't my colonial power be able to conquer the land for himself? Or at least let him claim the land for me..

Anyway.. I consider this a bug..

If you think, BG thinks, it's not a bug and colonial forces shouldn't conquer lands either for themselves or for me..

at least stop them their pathing every single day which costs CPU power only to get them stuck anyway..

But personally, fix it so they can conquer!

Re: Colonial power not fighting

Posted: Nov 19 2018
by Balthagor
It sounds to me like there might be something else going on here. Could you please zip and email me the file? Ticket 22546 in the subject line please.

Re: Colonial power not fighting

Posted: Nov 23 2018
by Balthagor
Small update to this. The thread did get me digging into some stuff. It also has us considering some design changes.

To do some testing, I started the CW game as UK. Gave a massive number of units to Libya then declared war on Egypt. I did see the AI sent home about 1/3 of the units I gave them and start using them to attack into Egypt. They had lousy supply so it did not go very well but they did use them. Got better once I started flying supply planes over top. Watching this has inspired 3 specific design ideas;

Military AI - The AI should recall all foreign units if they are losing land that is loyal to them, particularly if the region is a colony
Colony AI - Should inherit the BZ/Theatre settings from the parent. If I make a certain BZ High, Offensive, then the AI for my colony should treat it as such.
Colony AI - Should be aware of any Hotspots from the parent region. It can give higher priorities to the hotspots created by its military minister but should consider the parent hotspots as well.

All of these are reasonably simple to implement with low chance of breaking something else in the game. I've added them to our wishlist, we'll see where they fall in the priority.