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#1 Post by mrgenie » Oct 11 2018

This isn't working really right now is it.

I think there is just some basic random implementation, correct?

Because no matter what setting I put it at, nothing changes.

I targeted france and specifically set France to HIGH espionage and RECON.

I have 200 spies in my pool.

198-192 remain in the pool. And the ones the minister does send go random global.. not specifically targetted against France.

I tried espionage settings on the theater setting, from none to high..
I tried the per country setting on france from non to high..
I set it to recon, sabotage, no changes..

So defacto the espionage in the game is just some raw fundamental random implementation I suppose.

What it should do:
when I set 1 country to high on recon, at least 50% of my pool should be assigned for recon and the other 50% should be doing something else random across the world based on my global settings.

if I set all global settings to none, and only high on france recon, 100% of my spies should perform recon missions in france.
if I set it to high on 2 countries, 100% should be split to 50% for one and 50% for the other country.

Just some suggestions..

either way, not that espionage is high on my list, but should be addressed.

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