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Colonys Force Trade

Posted: Aug 06 2018
by Domi
Hi there,
playing Sandbox 1914 Germany and in 1940 France is one of my Colonies. The World is suffering a massive Lack of Industrie goods and therefore i supported France with it to build Up oil und Food Produktion to Support me. (Had 150 Million citicens, maybe +6 mio per year, and struggeling on building facilities cause unenployment stucks between 3,5 and 4 % und i dont want inflation going higher than 6 %). Now they build up, they Forced me to give them Industrie goods!I only get the Message für trade is Sucessful. There are actual three trades 90 days for about 700 ind goods which are renewed und i cant cancel them. And after a close watch, they started to build 2 Military Factories? I mean how they are suposed to, i think when its build i will receive the hex anyway?


Re: Colonys Force Trade

Posted: Aug 10 2018
by Domi
Problem with trade solved: Diplomatic menue, there is a auto accept trades button. I canceled this and the trades runnning out. But France and Belgium both had build up military factoryies and still own them. Anyway they dont build anything with.