Damaged infrastructure not repairing.

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Damaged infrastructure not repairing.

#1 Post by JakeEDogge » Jul 21 2018

Perhaps some one can assist me with this. Have been playing as Russia and I just noted that a number of locations in Germany, which I over ran during the Great Patriotic War of 1914-1918, still have damaged infrastructure in 1961 (yes, I may not have been paying particular attention to such facts! [_]O ) I have checked that the minister in charge is allowed to spend money to repair and there does not appear to be an insurection problems causing damage. I suspect this is causing me huge production loses. Is there some way to manually repair?

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Re: Damaged infrastructure not repairing.

#2 Post by YoMomma » Jul 22 2018

right mouse click theater/battle zone, here you have option to repair, where AI has no option at all.
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