Russain AI defence problem

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Russain AI defence problem

#1 Post by Zuikaku » Jan 03 2018

Games starting in '14, '36 and/or '40 have serious problem with russian/soviet AI.
When any nation on western russian/soviet border declares war, russian/soviet AI is totally uncapable of any defensive reaction. The AI relies only on garrisons although it has
hundreds of units in the reserve. This happens all the time in all the games.

In my current game it is 1916 and russian AI is totally passive with hundreds of units in reserve it just refuses to activate.
It does not react to German, KuK or Turkish threats.
Same behaviour is observed in WW2 games.
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Re: Russain AI defence problem

#2 Post by Spetsnaz Gaming » Jan 04 2018

I Know Right! its in the 1940s,me as egypt built an empire on the ruins of britain
I expect a full on operation barbarossa so i could probably have a piece of the USSR *Nasser was not born so at least no coup happens : D*
But nah.

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Re: German AI Defence problem

#3 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Jan 28 2018

.....In my current game it is 1916 and Russian AI is totally passive with hundreds of units in reserve it just refuses to activate.

Much could be said of the German AI, as early as 1915, when the only units that venture out of their Barracks locations are the armored cars.

While I have not played other countries past mid-1915, more as a test effort to detect errors, it is probably this is true across-the-board, to include China, Japan, etc.

An effort needs to be made to improve "aggressiveness" of units..... :o

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Re: Russain AI defence problem

#4 Post by SGTscuba » Feb 01 2018

I'm wondering if this is just due to a lack of military goods and hence reserves get depleted and units cannot fight for long.

I've been playing this scenario and noticed the difference. If I just supplied lots of units, they would attack, but not much. However, if I started exporting to the market any military goods, or just sold directly big chunks, then the AI would become more aggressive and the wars much more fluid.
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Re: Russain AI defence problem

#5 Post by way2co0l » Feb 01 2018

This could very well be it. I'm not positive. But I continue to believe the AI should be able to fight a full on sustainable fight for at least 6 months to a year. If they can't do that with the MG's available at game start then it's a problem IMHO.

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