SRGW - China - Missing Fleet

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SRGW - China - Missing Fleet

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Nov 02 2017

China does not begin SR-Great War with any naval units, and no shipyards. Historically, that is not accurate.

Suggest the following units be added:

1] 2 x Chao Ho class light cruisers:

Laid down: 1910

Comparable unit for rating: "Boardicea" class (UK).



2]. 3 x Fei Po class torpedo boat destroyers

Laid down: 1910

Comparable unit for rating: S.90 class (Germany)



3] 1 x Lung Tuan class torpedo boat destroyer

Laid down: 1911

Comparable unit for rating: Huszar class (Austro-Hungary)

Source: ... g_tuan.htm


4] 1 x Ching Po class torpedo boat destroyer

Laid down: 1010

Comparable unit for rating: Pegaso class (Italy)



5] 2 x Yung Feng class gunboats (PAT)

Laid down: 1912

Comparable unit for rating: [not sure; steel hull, 1x4"/102-mm, 1 x 57mm, etc.]

Source: ... g_feng.htm

* Two further similar units, identified as "Yung Chien" class, laid down 1915.

There were also a series of torpedo boats, all could be rated "Pre-21st Century", as below;

torpedo gunboats

1. KUANG PING torpedo gunboats (1890-1894)

2. FEI TING torpedo gunboat (1894/1895)

3. FEI YING torpedo gunboat (1896)

4. CHIEN WEI torpedo gunboats (1903)

torpedo boats -

1. LEI ** torpedo boats (1884)

2. LEI CHEN torpedo boats (1885)

3. CHANG TSE torpedo boats (1895)

4. CHEN TSE torpedo boats (1896)

5. CHIEN 1 torpedo boat

6. HU PENG torpedo boats (1906-1907)

Comment. It is difficult enough to play China at this point but with no shipyards (should be 2 - Jiangnan Shipyard, Shanghai, and Canton Shipyard, Canton (Guangzhou), not having any naval units makes it all the more unrealistic.

Thanks for considering. :-)

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