SRGW - China - Revised List for Land Production & Military Goods locations

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SRGW - China - Revised List for Land Production & Military Goods locations

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Oct 19 2017

The current SR-Great War map basically is a download from SR-36 but repeats the Military Complex, Land Production, and Military Goods locations of the earlier game. It also eliminates several Sea Ports and eliminates Naval Production locations, that were historically old in China and should be included in SR-GW.

In China, the ground production centers were called "Arsenals" and sometimes were names for the Province of their location, not the city in which they were located. Thus, Arsenals are equivalent of Supreme Ruler Land Production locations. The below are those in existence in 1914.

The below changes to not represent a major change in the military situation in China, though reducing Land Production locations by 1 (one), it better represents the historical.

Below are recommended changes, to the above (using SR-GW current map):

* * Arsenals (Land Production) -

* Currently listed:

* SHENYANG - X 1539 Y 197 - Rename: Mukden

Famous for building Chinese artillery, including the 75mm Type 13 (Japanese M1905 Type 38) field gun and later the Shenyang 37mm Type 14 infantry gun.

* CHENGDU - X 1463 Y 262 - Often known by later name, "50th Arsenal" or Sichuan Arsenal.

Early production was mostly small arms, but later included the 80mm Type 11, from 1922.

* SHANGHAI - X 1569 Y 259 - ADD: Sea Port; Naval Production (Jiangnan Shipyard located in Shanghai old town along riverfront; oldest shipyard in China. Closing down from 2011, with relocation to new development area.)

* NEW Locations:

* HANYANG - X 1526 Y 264 - Rename: Wuhan

* JINAN - X 1520 Y 229 [suggested location, empty hex now] -
ADD: Military Complex, Barracks, Land Production

* DATONG - X Y - Commonly known as the "Shanxi Arsenal" in Chinese literature
One of its early guns built there was the Krupp 105mm mountain gun, known as the "Type 16".

* TAIYUAN - X Y - Commonly known as the "Taiyuan Arsenal" in Chinese text.
One of the early field guns built there was the 150mm Meiji Type 38, known as the "Type 14" heavy howitzer.


* HWAYANG - X 1504 Y 211 - Commonly known as the "Hwayang Arsenal", it was the location for most small
arms and other weapons built in the Beijing area.

Change: Hex is currently listed as one of the Beijing cities; Rename as: HWAYANG.
ADD: Military Goods

* GONGXIAN X Y - not currently on the SR-GW map. Was center for building many of China's
mortars and other infantry weapons. City located not far and south of Yibing and southeast of Luzhou.

Suggestion: Just locate in LUZHOU (X 1501 Y 294) - ADD: Military Goods


Several locations of historical Chinese major ports and naval bases have been inadvertently dropped in SR-GW.


* TSINGDAO (X 1542 Y 230) - in 1914, site of major German Pacific Squadron base & Chinese port.
ADD: Sea Port, Military Goods

* SHANGHAI (X 1569 Y 260) - while the location should be more up river, the current Military Complex will do.
ADD: Military Goods

ADD: Military Complex, Sea Port

* TIANJIN (Relocate to: X 1515 Y 213) - Tianjin is a major seaport, and was the primary import good locations for supplying Beijing, as well as export of Chinese goods built in the NE region.

HEX needs to be relocated to above location, to reflect that it's location is on the Bohai Gulf and not inland.


* * Remove locations:

All current Land Production and Military Goods locations should be deleted.

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Re: SRGW - China - Revised List for Land Production & Military Goods locations

#2 Post by Balthagor » Oct 29 2017

Some changes made for next update.
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