SRGW - United States - Sam Houston in Alaska....oh my!

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SRGW - United States - Sam Houston in Alaska....oh my!

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Oct 05 2017

That famous old Texan, Sam Houston, has found his way to Alaska, in SR-Great War! :lol:

1. Alaska - Hex X114 Y 077 - when the hex is retrieved it reads "Sam Houston"....which would be same as Fort Sam Houston.

The hex is blank on the map.

2. CHANGE: Hex 114 Y 077 - should be: Fort Richardson Add: Military Complex, Barracks, Sea Pier

[This is how it is in SR-1936 Road to has been deleted in SR-Ultimate for some reason....]

3. Also,

ADD: Dutch Harbor X 004 Y 114 Add: Village, Barracks, Sea Pier

The town dates from the whaling days, even when in Russian hands and should be included. It was THE major center of operation for all Aleutian air and naval options during WW Two.


Russian to American
Druzhinin, the commander of the Russian ship Zakharii I Elisaveta, is credited for discovering the deep-water harbor now known as Dutch Harbor.

Dutch Harbor is located within the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, more precisely on Amaknak Island in the Fox Islands. A mile long spit extending from the northeast end of Amaknak Island makes Dutch Harbor a natural port, protecting ships from the waves and currents of the Bering Sea, although winds off the Bering Sea have tossed shipments from decks of ships. Dutch Harbor is close to some of the richest fishing in the world, and it is ice-free.

The native people are known as the Aleut. When the Russians arrived, they exploited the Aleut by taxing them in fur pelts. The Aleut accepted the Russian Orthodox Church because it offered them support and educated their children.

The Russian-American Company operated from 1799 through the mid-1800s. It used Dutch Harbor in the transport of goods, mainly seal and sea otter fur. In 1867 Russia sold Alaska to the United States. Fur was the main export in Alaska after the United States took control.

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Re: SRGW - United States - Sam Houston in Alaska....oh my!

#2 Post by Balthagor » Oct 06 2017

Added for future update.
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