SRGW - United States - artillery guns not included in game

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SRGW - United States - artillery guns not included in game

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Sep 18 2017

There are some available artillery guns of the US Army that are not included in the SRGW 1914 start, and others that should be available in the 1917 period for research.

These include:

* * US Army 3" (75mm) M1902 field gun [listed in EqList as 76.2mm M02....should change to 3"...]

This gun was built over the year 1902-05, an included the following production numbers:
1902 - 182
1904 - 40
1905 - 441

What is missing in the game is historical production numbers, where U.S. begins with almost no artillery.

All were built at the Watervliet Arsenal (New York) (counterpart to Rock Island Arsenal in building artillery, and later vehicles).


* * Vickers 2.95" QF M1901 Mountain gun

The QF 2.95 inch mountain gun was the designation given by the British to a Vickers 75mm calibre gun. It was originally produced for the Egyptian Army. It was taken into British service in the late 19th Century to provide the 'movable armament' at some coaling stations. Also known as 'The Millimetre Gun',[4] it was used by the West African Frontier Force in several theatres in Africa during World War I. It was also used by USA and Philippines.

* The U.S. purchased this weapon, as below:

The US purchased 12 guns in 1899 and used them in the Philippine-American War (otherwise known as the Philippine Insurrection). By June 30, 1904 another 120 guns were purchased. Carriages and pack saddles were manufactured at Watertown and Rock Island.

* ADD: United States: 132 x Vickers Q.F. 2.95" mountain gun.....since there are no U.S. units listed in the P.I. in the SRGW at 1914 start, guess all should be distributed about U.S. garrison or maybe all at Rock Island Arsenal location.

* Details on the gun include:

In service 1897 - World War II
Used by British Empire
United States
Philippine Commonwealth
Wars World War I, World War II
Production history
Manufacturer Vickers
Weight 236 lb (107 kg) gun
830 lb (380 kg) total
Barrel length 31.6 in (800 mm) bore;
35.85 in (0.911 m) total[1]
Width 32 in (810 mm)
Height 26 in (660 mm), barrel axis
36 inches, wheel
Shell QF fixed round.
12.5 lb Common shell;
18 lb Double common shell;
12.5 lb Shrapnel
Calibre 75 mm (2.95 in)
Recoil 14 in (360 mm); short recoil hydro-spring
Carriage Wheeled, box trail, assembly
Elevation -10° - 27°[1]
Traverse 0°
Rate of fire 14 rounds per minute[2]
Muzzle velocity 920 ft/s (280 m/s)[1]
Maximum firing range 4,825 yd (4,412 m)[3]

* 4.7" (116-mm) M1906 field gun

* The 4.7 inch Gun M1906 (initially the M1904) was designed and issued by the US Army Ordnance Department beginning in 1906, with the first units receiving the weapon in 1911.[1] It was of the field gun type. It was one of very few pre-war US artillery designs selected for wartime production in World War I, although (as with most of these projects) few of these weapons were delivered to France and used in action.[1] A combination of a limited pre-war munitions industry, the short (19-month) US participation in the war, technical problems with large-scale production, and the ready availability of munitions overseas led to this.

The gun is in the EqList but not available in the Build options or in inventory.

Please make available.

* ADD: 60 guns, which is the number produced by the time of outbreak of WW One.

* Production history
Designer US Army Ordnance Department
Designed 1906
Gun: Watervliet Arsenal, Northwest Ordnance Co.
Carriage: Rock Island Arsenal, Walter Scott Co., Studebaker Corp.
Produced 1907-1919
No. built 209 guns, 470 carriages
Variants M1906MI


* * 6" Ordnance M1908 howitzer

* The 6 inch Howitzer, Model of 1908 was the standard American heavy howitzer before World War I. Forty-two of these weapons had been produced before 1917 and all were employed for training stateside in that war. For combat use in France the Canon de 155 C mle 1917 Schneider was purchased. All surviving weapons were retired during the 1920s.[1]

It is unusual among American-designed field artillery weapons in that it has the recoil cylinder situated above the barrel.

The gun design is in the EqList.

Designer Bethlehem Steel
Designed 1906-1909
Gun: Watervliet Arsenal
Carriage:Rock Island Arsenal, Bethlehem Steel
Produced 1910-1916
No. built 42

* ADD: 40 guns, the number produced at start of SRGW


Placement should be all within the U.S. Barracks location list.

Thanks for considering. :-)

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