SRGW - United States - Destroyers under-rated for Range

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SRGW - United States - Destroyers under-rated for Range

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Sep 12 2017

All the U.S. destroyers in what are commonly known as the "1,000-tonners" are under rated for Range, in SRGW.

This includes the Paulding / Monaghan (DD-22 /-42) class, Smith (DD-17_ and Cassin (DD-43) class ships.

Each should have a range of 3,000 n. miles at 15-knots (SR standard) or 4,630-km.

Currently, most are rated for 2,500-km. - big difference.

Thanks for considering. :-)


[Source: US Destroyers, by Norman Friedman (USNI Press, 2004) - there are also other books stating the same basic range, either in 15-knot cruising or 20-knot high-speed run speed.]

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