SRGW - Russia - Submarines Available for Research, Production & Other Changes

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SRGW - Russia - Submarines Available for Research, Production & Other Changes

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Sep 03 2017

* Russian navy should have "Morzh" class submarines (1911; 630-tons) - 3 units.

* Russian Empire currently has no Submarine unit designs Available for Research.

* Some of the submarines available for construction has the wrong Available dates.

* Other change below includes a Name spelling correction.


* * Class Name spelling change: KAIMAN - vice current Kayman class submarine.
Date of Availability should also be change to: 1906, vice the current 1909 (when last unit completed)

* * Change Available Dates on following Submarine classes:

* AKULA - change to 1906 (when first unit began construction, instead of 1911)

* KAIMAN - change to 1906 (as above, vice 1909)

* KARP - change to 1904 (vice current 1907 when last unit completed.



* MINOGA Class ( 1906)


The list of future submarines that should be available for Research at beginning of SRGW should include:

* BARS-1 Class (Available 1913 date, when Russian sources say first unit was laid down) ... ine_(1915)

* Amerikansky Golland (Holland 602 /AG-11) Class (First unit as AG011, 1915) ... _submarine

* Narval (Holland Type 31A) Class (1914) ... _submarine

* B-1 Class (1916) - ... ine_(1915)

* Svyatoi Georgiy (F-1) Class (1916, origins in Ansaldo, Italy) - would consider this Laurenti design suited for "Worldwide". While of Italian origin, nothing would have prevented Russia from copying design, which was probably why the ordered the ship, for later production consideration (along with American design AG-series.

- ... eorgiy.htm

[Note to be confused with current Svyatoy Georgiy Pobedonosets SSBN; named after same person.
also spelling of first name appears as "Svyatoy"....Святой Георгий <Svyatoy Georgiy>]


All the above submarine classes fall under existing Technology of Basic Submarine Technology, "known" to Russia.


Thanks for Update consideration. :-)

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