SRGW - Russia - Land Fabrication locations need changing

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SRGW - Russia - Land Fabrication locations need changing

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Sep 03 2017

If the basis for SR Land Fabrication locations is where vehicles are being built, then the following changes area needed with regard to Russian Empire (Imperial Russia):

* * DELETE these locations: all current locations at:
* X 974 Y 107 (Siverskiy) - unknown where this came from in SR-49 but never historical location);

* X 938 Y 148 (Srarachowice) - unknown where this came from, within SR-36 Polish boundary.

* X 10070 Y 161 (Tsaritsyn, later as Stalingrad) - pre-1914, it was not even a tractor factory until 1930, after which it was known as the Dzerzhinsky-Stalingrad Tractor Factory (STZ).

* X 1107 Y 117) (Votinsk) - another ahistorical location, hold-over download from SR-49 (or earlier)

* * ADD these locations, all historical pre-dating 1914:

* X 1055 Y 120 (Nizhny Novgorod, in operation building armor plate, etc. since 1849)

* X 1024 Y 154 (Kharkiv, originally locomotive factory, since 1895, and builder of early armored card)

* X 975 Y 102 (St. Petersburg; also: ADD: Military Complex; Barracks; 2 x Land Fabrication

St. Petersburg has both the Putilov (since 1849) and Izhora Works facilities building armor plate and armored cars.
This is using a currently empty Hex, adjacent St. Petersburg - and would replace Siverskiy location now on Map.


Thanks for update consideration. :-)

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Re: SRGW - Russia - Land Fabrication locations need changing

#2 Post by Balthagor » Oct 07 2017

done, thanks.
Chris Latour
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