SRGW - Ottoman Empire - Labor Shortage notice seem out of line with population

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SRGW - Ottoman Empire - Labor Shortage notice seem out of line with population

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Aug 28 2017

There is a problem with early arrival of tight Labor (3% warning notice), so early in the game with a country having a huge population and not that many projects under-construction.

In the case of Ottoman Empire, this came in January 1915, at a time when only the following facilities were under construction:
* one x Naval Fabrication facility (@ 85% complete)

* two short-railroad segments (Al Hallal area with one bridge)

* two short Road segments (connecting Constantinople and Istanbul

* one x Coal facility

* one x Oil & Gas facility

Only military production is one x heavy artillery and one x medium artillery unit. Since games beginning, only a few Infantry units (maybe six total) and @ six armored car / motorcycle recon units have been built. No major impact should be on manpower, as few infantry units have been built.

Within the prior four weeks, some other facilities were completed, including:

* one x Land Fabrication facility;

* one x Oil Field facility
* one x Timber facility
* one x Coal Mine facility

* * Population.

"The 1914 census list reflected major changes in the territorial boundaries and administrative division of the Ottoman state.[3] The population statistics and Ottoman general election, 1914 were major population sources. 18,520,015 was the population.[4] The grand total for 1914 showed a "net gain" of 1,131,454 from the 1905-06 Ottoman census survey."

Source: ... man_Empire

With a population of 18.5 million (where less than one-half are ethnic Turkic, one would not think these project above would stretch the Labor market as being tight, to generate a 3% warning.

Thanks for looking into this. :-)

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Re: SRGW - Ottoman Empire - Labor Shortage notice seem out of line with population

#2 Post by GIJoe597 » Aug 29 2017

I asked Mr. Latour about the unemployment issue the other day via voice chat. I explained it does not matter which country, even China has a shortage of labor. He said he would look into it.

I have started to think it is intentional. It does hamper and slow things down as I think Mr Geczy intends. A slow slog of a war. It almost has to be intentional as it is so glaringly obvious there is no way it has not been noticed by BG.

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