SRGW - Ottoman Empire: Artillery units need adding

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SRGW - Ottoman Empire: Artillery units need adding

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Aug 22 2017

German sources indicate the Ottoman Empire had one heavy and one medium artillery battalion equivalent in field guns, and at least three battalions of Infantry Guns pre-WW One, as below.

Please consider adding to the Turkish orbat, as they are well below historical number at beginning of SRGW.

* * ADD:

* 1 x Krupp 105mm L/30 M1905 field gun ... =754&dpr=2


* 1 x Krupp 15-cm L/14 field gun

Appears to have been a variant of the German army M1900 field gun built in 1908 to 149-mm. ... S5f849o74A


4 x Krupp 75-mm M1905 infantry gun - originally build for Turkey as the M1904 model; at least 72 guns
[Bulgaria had 54 of the same model]

2 x Schneider 75-mm M1908 (MD) infantry gun - possibly three but cannot confirm number.
Believed to have acquired 48 of the guns


- Bathagor: sending data sheets on heavier guns, to private email.

Source: various German language reference books on guns produced for Germany and foreign armies.

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