SRGW - Serbia: The Need for Engineers

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SRGW - Serbia: The Need for Engineers

#1 Post by geminif4ucorsair » Aug 16 2017

Serbia is not allocated Engineer units at the Start date of SRGW. That should be changed to:

* 2 x Engineer - Location: Nish - both 1st and 2nd Engineer Bn's were stationed at Nish, headquarters for
the Engineer Brigade.

On 1914 mobilization, that increased to:

* 5 1/2 Engineer Bn.'s - activated at Chupria-Parachin, as Corps Hqd. (location details of this city
are available on separate thread).

* 1 x Bridging Engineer Bn.

* 5 x Pontoon Bridging Bn.

Ref above, the Pontoon Bridging unit in SR-36 would need to have its Avail date moved to 1913.

Pontoon Bridging units were rather common in WW One, even at the beginning of the war, within all European (and Japan's) armies.

Please consider making some adjustments to Serbian order-of-battle to reflect above and 2] change the availability date for Bridging - Pontoon units.

Thanks for considering. :-)

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